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Alfred von Waldersee

Datum narození: 8. duben 1832
Datum úmrtí: 5. březen 1904

Alfred Ludwig Heinrich Karl Graf von Waldersee was a German field marshal who became Chief of the Imperial German General Staff.

Born into a prominent military family, von Waldersee saw distinguished service as an artillery officer, and became Prussian military attaché at the Paris embassy in 1870. This gave him insight into the French defences that would prove crucial in the upcoming Franco-Prussian War, in which he played a significant role. Later, as principal assistant to Field-Marshal Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, Chief of the Imperial General Staff, von Waldersee gained influence with the future Kaiser Wilhelm II, who promoted him Chief of Staff on his accession.

When the Peking legation compound was besieged by the Boxer insurgents in 1900, von Waldersee was appointed as head of an 8-nation relief force. Although he arrived too late to take part in the fighting, he conducted punitive expeditions which succeeded in pacifying the Boxers. Wikipedia

Citáty Alfred von Waldersee

„Too many people are under the influence of the Jews.“

—  Alfred von Waldersee

Waldersee in his diary c. 1888, quoted in John C. G. Röhl, The Kaiser and his court : Wilhelm II and the government of Germany

„Germany is the foundation for the mainstay for the whole of Europe, but if we become weak, the entire old world will fall apart.“

—  Alfred von Waldersee

Waldersee in his diary c. 1886, quoted in John C. G. Röhl, The Kaiser and his court : Wilhelm II and the government of Germany

„I pray to God that I may not have to live through what I see coming.“

—  Alfred von Waldersee

The last entry in Waldersee's diary, dated 5 March 1904, the day of his death.

„Should I rise to higher rank, this happiness can never compare to that which I enjoy in possessing you. Everything else is vastly secondary to this one great happiness. You are the greatest gift which God has bestowed on me.“

—  Alfred von Waldersee

From Waldersee's letter to his wife Mary Lee, after being promoted to major-general, c. August 1876, quoted in Wade James Trosclair, Alfred von Waldersee, monarchist: his private life, public image, and the limits of his ambition, 1882-1891

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