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Carla Neggers

Nemáme ověřenou totožnost tohoto autora, nemusí se jednat o slavnou osobu.

Carla Neggers - chybí nám detailnější popis autora.

Citáty Carla Neggers

„Jenomže nejsou muži jako muži.“ Sestry

„The love of your life is the person who makes you forget what all your standards and preconceived notions about love and romance even were.“ Tempting Fate

„The one who gets you is the one who makes you forget you ever desired anything as dull and ridiculous as perfection.“ White Hot

„Her emotions were raw, and she was on edge. Don't let things fester, Gus used to tell him and his sisters as kids. You need to cry, cry. You need to throw something, throw something. Just don't hurt anyone.“ Night's Landing

„Your view of the world is just as skewed as someone who has never seen combat... We all state our convictions from within our convictions.“ Cut and Run

„coalesce’…” “Three’s a“ Cold Dawn

„us at daybreak with your love, that all our days we may sing for joy.’” “Psalm“ Saint's Gate

„yacht club. She wore a pumpkin-colored jacket and had long brown“ Heron's Cove

„Yank grunted. “That sums it up.“ Harbor Island

„You always get paid in cash. It’s Rule One. If I’d been around to advise the Indians, do you think I’d have let them take beads for Manhattan? Hell, no.“ The Carriage House

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