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Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

Datum narození: 13. srpen 1948

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles je britská spisovatelka.

„Láska je příliš vzácná věc na to, aby jí člověk plýtval na takové, jako je ona: měl by si ji šetřit pro ty, kdo si ji zaslouží.“

„One of the early reasons for Atherton's devotion to Slider had been that Slider had never, from the first meeting, looked at him askance. Slider had his countryman father's view that God had made all creatures different for His own purposes. A horse was not a cat and a cat was not a dog, and only a fool would want them to be.“ Blood Never Dies

„She ate up London and spat it out, and now she’s recharging her batteries in Bursford before going back into the fray,’ Jack said.“ Kate's Progress

„... a tiny room, furnished in early MFI, of which every surface was covered in china ornaments and plaster knick-knacks whose only virtue was that they were small, and therefore of limited individual horribleness. Cumulatively, they were like an infestation. Little vases, ashtrays, animals, shepherdesses, tramps, boots, tobys, ruined castles, civic shields of seaside towns, thimbles, bambis, pink goggle-eyed puppies sitting up and begging, scooped-out swans plainly meant to double as soap dishes, donkeys with empry panniers which ought to have held pin-cushions or perhaps bunches of violets -- all jostled together in a sad visual cacophony of bad taste and birthday presents and fading holiday memories, too many to be loved, justifying themselves by their sheer weight of numbers as 'collections' do.“ Blood Lines

„schmoozes the customers, brings light and warmth to the“ Kate's Progress

„... the very least one requires for civilisation to survive is an adequate supply of sound wines.“ Goodbye Piccadilly

„Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom.... These are the beginnings of sorrows.“ Goodbye Piccadilly

„... he was a sensitive person underneath it all. Yes he could believe that, SLider thought. Only a man obsessed with hie own emotions could spread so much devastation around him.“

„One of the great benefits of being married is always having someone to tie one's tie.“ Goodbye Piccadilly

„somewhere, waiting for you. Nothing is ever lost.“ The Foreign Field

„He had nothing against cherry tomatoes except that any attempt to cut them shot them off the plate with a velocity that could lay out a gemsbok at fifty paces, and putting them in the mouth whole and biting down was a not entirely pleasant experience that could result in doing the nose trick with tomato seeds.“ Gone Tomorrow

„mum always ought to be, getting tea. Women and food: how they locked on to your heart, taking it so young that if you had ever been properly loved and nurtured, you could never quite untangle them again. And did you ever, ever get over losing your mum? It seemed absurd after so long, and at his age, to be seized with such a yearning to go home; but she was gone, beyond reach, and a grown man wasn’t allowed to feel like this. The“ Blood Sinister

„Joanna had the fisherman's pie. 'What's under the mashed potato?' Slider asked. Joanna chewed thoughtfully for a moment and then looked down. 'Something white,' she said at last. 'With little bits of something pink.' She chewed again. 'I am eating, aren't I?' she appealed for reassurance. 'It's so hard to tell without some sensory input, like taste or texture.“ Killing Time

„But the living must fear death, or they would not struggle to stay alive.

from 'The Fallen Kings.“

„But the living must fear death, or they would not struggle to stay alive.“

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