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Faye Kellerman

Datum narození: 31. červenec 1952

Faye Kellerman je spisovatelka.

Citáty Faye Kellerman

„Bylo by krásné, kdybychom všichni v každý okamžik věděli, jak se správně zachovat. (Ďáblův polibek) /Charlotta99/“

„Zásady jsou dobré tak dlouho, dokud člověku vyhovují. Pak je třeba je porušit. (Ďáblův polibek) /Charlotta99/“

„Kids are like heroin -- an injection of pain when they're around, but even when they're not around it's like that next fix. You just can't stop thinking about it.“ Hangman

„What's the difference between a classical guitar and a pizza? A pizza can feed a family of four.“ Hangman

„That is a fart without wind....." in reference to when you can't back up what you say. very funny.“ Straight into Darkness

„You’ve got a good side?”
“I do. I just don’t use it too often. My bad side’s so much more fun.“
The Mercedes Coffin

„True, my boy. Only Hashem is omniscient, and until He decides we’re worthy of His communication via prophets or the Messiah, we mortals are forced to live in a state of ignorance. I’ve spent my whole life learning, Detective, acquiring knowledge not only from the scriptures of my belief, but from countless other sources—American law, philosophy, psychology, economics, political science: I have studied them all at great length. Yet, a madman can slip under my nose, and I realize I know nothing. I am still a meaningless speck of dust in the scheme of things. A most humbling experience.“ The Ritual Bath

„A cake can be very life-affirming.“ Day of Atonement

„Life was a blank page written in invisible ink, a tale all told, just waiting to be deciphered.“ The Quality of Mercy

„When it’s silent, your brain fills in the music,” Decker told him. “After all these years, I think I’ve finally learned how to listen.“ The Beast

„depressions in the ground.” “I’ll mark“ Bone Box

„animal. In the end it was his passion that did him in.“ The Quality of Mercy

„She took the picture from him and set it back down on the table. “My grandmother.” She slipped her arms around her husband, biting his mustache“ Street Dreams

„the techs. Hanover said“ Street Dreams

„The positive side was the sisterly bonding, at least on my part. Hannah Rosie Decker was my only blood sibling, and they didn’t come any cuter or better than she. I adored her. Matter“ Street Dreams

„That’s so unfair!” Carson protested.“ The Theory of Death

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