Citáty Georg Cantor


„However, he was born in Copenhagen, of Jewish parents, of the Portuguese Jewish community there.“

—  Georg Cantor
Of his father. In a letter written by Georg Cantor to Paul Tannery in 1896 (Paul Tannery, Memoires Scientifique 13 Correspondance, Gauthier-Villars, Paris, 1934, p. 306)

„In mathematics the art of asking questions is more valuable than solving problems.“

—  Georg Cantor
Doctoral thesis (1867); variant translation: In mathematics the art of proposing a question must be held of higher value than solving it.

„Had Mittag-Leffler had his way, I should have to wait until the year 1984, which to me seemed too great a demand!“

—  Georg Cantor
Letter (1885), written after Gösta Mittag-Leffler persuaded him to withdraw a submission to Mittag-Leffler's journal Acta Mathematica, telling him it was "about one hundred years too soon."

„Every transfinite consistent multiplicity, that is, every transfinite set, must have a definite aleph as its cardinal number.“

—  Georg Cantor
Letter to Richard Dedekind (1899), as translated in From Frege to Gödel : A Source Book in Mathematical Logic, 1879-1931 (1967) by Jean Van Heijenoort, p. 117

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