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Gina Nahai

Datum narození: 9. prosinec 1960

Gina Nahai je spisovatelka, učitelka psaní.

Citáty Gina Nahai

„Najskutočnejšia prítomnosť je neprítomnosť milovaných ľudí.“

„... the most real presence of all is the abscence of those we love.“

„The greatest writers have persistence.“

„A book gets rejected because it's not ready to be published.“

„... we are all waiting for the luminous hands that will reach for us in the night, the eyes that will witness our pain, the voice that will whisper the possibility of a different truth.“

„it's an even bargain -one in which we both lose.“

„What do you call that moment when we let go of the conviction, albeit illusory, that life will only grow larger? That the horizon will always expand?“ The Luminous Heart of Jonah S.

„Minorities, on the other hand, are always judged by their lowest common denominator.“ The Luminous Heart of Jonah S.

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