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Penny Vincenzi

Datum narození: 10. duben 1939

Penny Vincenzi - chybí nám detailnější popis autora.

Citáty Penny Vincenzi

„V Anglii jsou jen dvě roční období: zima a červenec.“ Špinavá záležitost

„Marriages don't stay in neat, tidy shapes you know; they sprawl about, very messily sometimes. The important thing is not to let them get out of control.“ Something Dangerous

„And on Sunday we went to the flea market and it was so cool. Nicola said she wanted to look at pictures and fabrics, so Carey and I went to an amazing part, called the Marché Malik, all retro stuff, and I got this denim jacket, it’s just gorgeous, got all flowers embroidered on it, so much cooler than some mass-produced thing from Hollister. I’ll go and get it.’ ‘And there we were spending squillions on one from Hollister,’ said Bianca, ‘so uncool. Silly us not to know. I’m not sure about this friendship, Patrick.’ Patrick grinned at her. ‘It won’t last. They’ll probably fall out next term.’ ‘And I really don’t like this thing of giving her cocktails. So“ A Perfect Heritage

„Misquoting Henry Ford. Anyway, black’s“ Something Dangerous

„From the very beginning it seemed very clear to her that if you were going to succeed in life you succeeded on your own terms, in your own style, you capitalized on your own strengths, you learnt to camouflage your own weaknesses and you didn’t get caught up in anyone else’s. And Fleur was going to succeed.“ An Outrageous Affair

„its romantic embellishments – a“ A Perfect Heritage

„out a battered leather address book. ‘Dr Roberts. But he won’t come.’ ‘I’m sure he will.’ Bianca smiled at her. ‘I’ll explain how bad you are. Now, what can I get you? Cup of tea, warm milk?’ ‘Some hot lemon and honey would be so nice,’ said Florence. ‘You’ll find the wherewithal to make it in the kitchen. Bianca, you shouldn’t be here, you’ve got far more important things to do, I’m so sorry . . .’ She struggled to go on and couldn’t. ‘So kind,’ she finally managed.“ A Perfect Heritage

„He was self-assured without being cocky, friendly but not pushy, independent but in no way precocious. He was also exceptionally selfreliant, perfectly happy with his own company, and like all only children, very much at ease with adults. At five“ No Angel

„thing we can do for the young is set an example,’ said Oliver slowly. ‘I discovered that long ago. They don’t listen to us, they find most of what we have to say at best tedious and at worst inane. We can influence them simply by what we do and how we do it. Now think about“ Something Dangerous

„Oh, my God,’ said Phaedria, ‘it must be really serious if they’ve been“ Old Sins

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