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Datum narození: 1135
Datum úmrtí: 13. prosinec 1204

Moše ben Majmon byl rabínem, židovským filosofem a lékařem, jednou z největších postav středověké židovské filosofie.

Citáty Maimonides

„Kdyby se výprask nechal vypsat, dostal bys ode mne dlouhé psaní. Takhle ale nevím, co bych ti napsal.“

„Nelze být člověkem a nechybovat.“

„You must accept the truth from whatever source it comes.“

„Truth does not become more true by virtue of the fact that the entire world agrees with it, nor less so even if the whole world disagrees with it.“ The Guide for the Perplexed

„The physician should not treat the disease but the patient who is suffering from it“

„No disease that can be treated by diet should be treated with any other means.“

„If a person studies too much and exhausts his reflective powers, he will be confused, and will not be able to apprehend even that which had been within the power of his apprehension. For the powers of the body are all alike in this respect.“

„Do not consider it proof just because it is written in books, for a liar who will deceive with his tongue will not hesitate to do the same with his pen.“

„We naturally like what we have been accustomed to, and are attracted towards it. [... ] The same is the case with those opinions of man to which he has been accustomed from his youth; he likes them, defends them, and shuns the opposite views.“ The Guide for the Perplexed

„Your purpose... should always be to know... the whole that was intended to be known.“ The Guide for the Perplexed

„Anticipate charity by preventing poverty.“

„All the evils that men cause to each other because of certain desires, or opinions or religious principles, are rooted in ignorance. [All hatred would come to an end] when the earth was flooded with the knowledge of God.“

„In the realm of Nature there is nothing purposeless, trivial, or unnecessary“

„Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.“

„Commune with your own heart on your bed and be still.“

„The person who wishes to attain human perfection should study logic first, next mathematics, then physics, and, lastly, metaphysics.“ The Guide for the Perplexed

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