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Richard Aldington

Datum narození: 8. červenec 1892
Datum úmrtí: 27. červenec 1962

Richard Aldington, narozený jako Edward Godfree Aldington byl anglický spisovatel a básník. Stal se známý díky své poezii ovlivněné první světovou válkou, románem "Death of a Hero" a kontroverzní vzpourou v díle "Lawrence of Arabia: Biographical Inquiry". Jeho životopis Wellingtona byl oceněný v roce 1946 anglickou "James Tait Black Memorial Prize". Překládal z latiny a řečtiny. Je také jedním ze spoluzakladatelů imažinismu v poezii.

„The casualty lists went on appearing for a long time after the Armistice - last spasms of Europe's severed arteries.“ Death of a Hero

„How on earth did it come about that all the things denounced in the Gospels are violently defended by the Christian sects? But we must grow out of religion. It is either bugaboo, formalism, or hysteria. Besides, what proof is there that "the churches" know more about "God" than the Cockney sentry on duty outside the camp? We have only their say-so." ("Sacrifice Post", Lt. Davison)“

„He wore the black suit which he used for funerals, a form of social entertainment which greatly appealed to Mr. Judd since it combined dignity of emotion with solemn lessons on the dangers of existence in an under-policed country.“ The Colonel's Daughter

„In the twentieth century the women who wanted to be on their own were some of the best, the honest ones, those who instinctively rejected the trash. But here came a tragical dilemma. If they accepted Business and served it, they served the very thing from which they fled, and at best became imitation men. If they rejected Business and lived on allowances or incomes, they were in the anomalous position of hunting with the industrial hounds and running with the agricultural hare. An instinctive sense of this made many of them turn "artist." And so Europe was cluttered up with incompetent women "artists" -- not that a woman is incapable of being an artist, but because the assumed role provided an escape. Either situation was impossible, and the solution is not yet found.“ Women Must Work

„But if I'm useless only because I haven't been properly educated, is that my fault?“ Women Must Work

„Quite rapidly Etta became acquainted with the realities of poverty in one of its loneliest forms -- that of the poor middle-class girl looking for a job. Only youth can engage in this struggle and survive as a vital human entity. For the other ones it is death, death of the spirit, because the pittance, the bit of bread and drink, the wisp of clothing, the flicker of fire must be begged of Business, not even as charity, but as a gracious boon in exchange for the best waking hours. It is always your money _and_ your life. Not that Business is intelligently ruthless, don't think it. Business is like a huge cretin, scuffing its great feet over the flower-beds of life while it thinks itself the most wonderful puffing billy, self-invented into the bargain.“ Women Must Work

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