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Rob Parsons

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„Kdybych věděl, jak zábavné je mít vnoučata, pořídil bych si nejprve je.“

„Relax Remove pressure Have patience Ask questions Show you are there for them Love Love Love“ Teenagers!: What Every Parent Has to Know

„After the September 11th tragedy in New York City, people began to tell others what their loved ones, who had been trapped in the twin towers in New York, had said to them in frantic telephone conversations or email messages. Those who received calls from mobile phones from the doomed planes also told their stories. Some re-listened to messages left on answerphones. And as they shared their experiences, it was immediately evident that the same three words kept coming up time and time again. Those words did not refer to size of salary or bonuses, nor to the type of car recently purchased or expensive holidays taken. No. Lovers said them to lovers, husbands to wives, friends to friends and parents to kids: ‘I love you.’ ‘Tell Suzanne, I love her.“ Teenagers!: What Every Parent Has to Know

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