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Ron Marz

Datum narození: 3. duben 1959

Ron Marz je americký komik spisovatel.

„Chtěli mě zabít, i když mi slíbili opak. Tak jsem se modlil k Inckým bohům.“ Ďáblovo zlato - Predátor volume 4

„I would disagree with fight or flight. That leaves no room for compromise and understanding.“

„You're supposed to be made in His image, and yet you're all such ungrateful pieces of filth. You only bow your heads when you want something.“ Witchblade, Volume 8

„Citizen N°1: Look!
Citizen N°2: up in the SKY! It's... who IS that?
Ion (Kyle Rayner): See? Get some new clothes and everybody forgets who you...“
Ion, Vol. 2: The Dying Flame

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