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Stuart MacBride

Datum narození: 27. únor 1969

Stuart MacBride je romanopisec.

„Pravda je tvárná, zvlášť když se jí zmocním já.“ Smrtící záře

„Finnie kicked a packet of washing powder. "Why am I surrounded by morons? Did I tick the wrong bloody box for room service? Iscrambled eggs on toast, but they delivered a family-sized bag of!“ Blind Eye

„Blah, blah, blah, regret to inform you that DI Gray has tendered his resignation; blah, blah, blah; opportunity to reward performance; blah, blah, blah; suggestions by next Wednesday.

McPherson had scribbled, "BEATTIE?" in the margin in red biro.


Logan stuck the memo back in the drawer. Detective Sergeant Beattie couldn't arrest his own backside with three patrol cars and a search warrant.“
Blind Eye

„Guthrie handed him the mug, a wee pout pulling his pale face out of shape. With his semi-skimmed skin, faint ginger hair, and blond eyebrows he looked like a ghost that had been at the pies. "Milk, two sugars.“ Shatter The Bones

„The day was dark as a lawyer's soul.“ Cold Granite

„Steel squared her shoulders. "Ladies, and gentlemen, are areat home to Mr Fuckup today. Who are we no' at home to?"

The response wasn't much more than an embarrassed murmur. "Mr Fuckup."


Better this time: "Mr Fuckup."


They bellowed it out: "WE ARE NOT AT HOME TO MR FUCKUP!"

"Damn right we're no'." She smiled, nodded. "Now get out there and catch me those bloody killers.“
Close to the Bone

„Where Insch was bald, Steel looked as if someone had sellotaped a Cairn terrier to her head. Rumour had it she was only forty-two, but she looked a lot older. Years of chain smoking had left her face looking like a holiday home for lines and wrinkles.“ Cold Granite

„Must be nice to be a seagull. You eat, you sleep, you shag, and if you’re having a bad day you can shite on everyone from a great height. Doesn’t even have to be a bad day, you can do it just for fun.“ Birthdays for the Dead

„What about Ding-Dong?"

"Detective Inspector Bell couldn't find his arse with both hands if you duct-taped them to it. Come on.“
Close to the Bone

„Ina stood and shuffled over tot he urn on the fireplace. Stroked it with a twisted finger. "How are we supposed to get more consecrated soil, now? Taxi drivers always look at you so strangely when you get in with a shovel and say, 'Take me to the nearest graveyard.“ Close to the Bone

„Logan glanced at the clock on the cooker: nearly five minutes fast. The room was bathed in the pale orange glow of the overcast sky, the back garden a jungle of silhouettes and shadows through the window. He filled the kettle, then poured half of it out, before sticking it on to boil. The growing rumble drowned out the babble on his Airwave handset as DI Bell got his firearms team into place.“ Shatter The Bones

„Oh aye. Smells like she´s eaten a pickled skunk. Hungover isn´t the word. I´ve seen people looking healthier after they´ve passed post-mortemed."
(Rennie about Steel )“

„WPC Buchan might not know much about art, but she knew what gave her the fucking willies, and these things took the hairy biscuit.“ Dying Light

„Logan didn’t know which was worse – discovering your husband was a lying, adulterous bastard, or a dismembered corpse.“ Dying Light

„Nah, mostly they’re just students. Bit of weed, bit of booze, bit of studying, bit of pining away in their rooms wondering why nobody wants to shag them.“ Shatter The Bones

„shook his head, sending his jowls wobbling. ‘No chance.’ He checked his watch. ‘Show doesn’t“ Cold Granite

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