„I never felt the urge to jump off a bridge, but there are times I have wanted to jump out of my life, out of my skin.“

—  David Levithan, The Realm of Possibility

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americký autor a editor 1972

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„[On the phone] "My dear Jim's dead…No dear, he jumped off Waterloo Bridge - Yes, the one next to Charing Cross - No, no, no that's Blackfriars."“

—  Noel Coward English playwright, composer, director, actor and singer 1899 - 1973

Early review, cited in Frank Muir's Book of Comedy Sketches.

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„I told them that my grandfather had died in the Great Crash of 1929 — a stockbroker jumped out of a window and crushed him and his pushcart down below.“

—  Mario Cuomo American politician, Governor of New York 1932 - 2015

On meeting with a group assembled by David Rockefeller, New York Times (14 September 1986)

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„All his life he [the American] jumps into the train after it has started and jumps out before it has stopped; and he never once gets left behind, or breaks a leg.“

—  George Santayana 20th-century Spanish-American philosopher associated with Pragmatism 1863 - 1952

"Materialism and Idealism" p. 175 ( Hathi Trust http://hdl.handle.net/2027/uc1.b3923968?urlappend=%3Bseq=191)
Character and Opinion in the United States (1920)

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„In my next life I want to live backwards. Start out dead and finish off as an orgasm.“

—  Woody Allen American screenwriter, director, actor, comedian, author, playwright, and musician 1935

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„And just as he said that a feminist jumped out of a manhole - just jumped up and oh, and she didn't like that.“

—  Bill Bailey English comedian, musician, actor, TV and radio presenter and author 1965

That she didn't like that.
Cosmic Jam (tour 1995, DVD 2005, 2006)

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