„The depravity of man is at once the most empirically verifiable reality but at the same time the most intellectually resisted fact.“

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Malcolm Muggeridge3
anglický novinář, autor, mediální osobnost a satirik 1903 - 1990

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„The most depraved type of human being… (is) the man without a purpose.“

—  Ayn Rand, kniha Atlas Shrugged

Varianta: Fransisco, what's the most depraved type of human being?

-The man without purpose.
Zdroj: Atlas Shrugged

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„Most people are not intellectuals — a fact that intellectuals have terrible trouble coming to terms with.“

—  John Derbyshire writer 1945

Zdroj: The Wood Has Been Made Into a Boat http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/216568/wood-has-been-made-boat/john-derbyshire, National Review January 23, 2006.

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„Most intellectual people do not believe in God, but they fear him just the same.“

—  Wilhelm Reich Austrian-American psychoanalyst 1897 - 1957

As quoted in Philosophy : An Introduction to the Art of Wondering (2005) by James Lee Christian, p. 556

„What seems to most balance out the major music labels resistance to the MP3 explosion is the fact that their own artists are ahead of the curve.“

—  Richard Menta American journalist

Source They Might Be Giants release First MP3 Only Album http://www.mp3newswire.net/stories/giants.html - 1999
Quotes from the MP3 Newswire

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„Once I was a shadow of man. Most dark nights my head was in it's hands.“

—  Ed Harcourt British musician 1977

I'am The Drug.

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„It is easily the most empty cliché, the most useless word, and at the same time the most powerful human emotion — because hatred is involved in it, too.“

—  Toni Morrison American writer 1931 - 2019

On the title of her book Love (2003), in O, The Oprah Magazine (November 2003) http://www.oprah.com/omagazine/200311/omag_200311_toni_b.jhtml
Kontext: It is easily the most empty cliché, the most useless word, and at the same time the most powerful human emotion — because hatred is involved in it, too. I thought if I removed the word from nearly every other place in the manuscript, it could become an earned word. If I could give the word, in my very modest way, its girth and its meaning and its terrible price and its clarity at the moment when that is all there is time for, then the title does work for me.

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„Resistance at all cost is the most senseless act there is.“

—  Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Romulus the Great

Ein Widerstand um jeden Preis ist das Sinnloseste, was es geben kann.
Romulus the Great, act III (1956)

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„I'm strictly for [Adlai] Stevenson. I don't dig the intellectual bit, but I'm telling you man, he knows the most.“

—  Elvis Presley American singer and actor 1935 - 1977

Elvis Presley Was Always Too Busy to Vote for President http://elvis-history-blog.com/elvis-voting.html

„He is the most intelligent, intellectually curious, and charming man I have ever had the pleasure of meeting“

—  Munir Butt British diplomat 1940 - 2015

Speaking about Bill Clinton, Source: The Times, 1997.

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„Four predictions of the Big Bang Theory have now been verified - surely enough to quench even the most biased critics.“

—  Joseph Silk British-American astronomer 1942

Page 2.30
The Dark Side of the Universe, 2007

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