„Remembering is just an invention of the mind… It means that if you want to, you can remember anything, whether it happened or not… You don't need a time machine if you can remember.“

—  Rodman Philbrick, kniha Freak the Mighty
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Rodman Philbrick11
American writer 1951

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„True love is frozen in time
I'll be your champion and you'll be mine I will remember you
So please remember I will remember you“

—  Amy Grant American musician 1960
Song lyrics, Heart in Motion (1991), "I Will Remember You", co-written with Gary Chapman and Keith Thomas

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„I remember a Stephen Harper once upon a time… You've become what you used to oppose… Mr. Harper, what happened to you? What changed?“

—  Jack Layton Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada 1950 - 2011
To Mr. Harper, contending the Prime Minister used advocate cleaning up government and caring for the environment; 2011 English Language Federal Election Debate http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/obituary-jack-layton-in-quotes/article2135661/?from=sec368

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„So you must always remember / that time ends the beauty“

—  Mellin de Saint-Gelais French poet 1491 - 1558
Original: Ainsi vous doit-il souvenir / Que le temps finit la beauté Source: Oeuvres poétiques

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„I picked this sprig of heather
Autumn has died you must remember
We shall not see each other ever
I'm waiting and you must remember
Time's perfume is a sprig of heather“

—  Guillaume Apollinaire, Alkoholy
Alcools (1912), J'ai cueilli ce brin de bruyère L'automne est morte souviens-t'en Nous ne nous verrons plus sur terre Odeur du temps brin de bruyère Et souviens-toi que je t'attends "L'Adieu" (The Farewell), line 1; translation from Donald Revell (trans.) Alcools (Hanover, NH: Wesleyan University Press, 1995) p. 83.

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