„There's nothing like a shovel full of dirt to encourage literacy.“

—  Margaret Atwood, kniha Slepý vrah

Zdroj: The Blind Assassin

Margaret Atwood foto
Margaret Atwood6
kanadská spisovatelka 1939

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Mignon McLaughlin foto

„Revenge leads to an empty fullness, like eating dirt.“

—  Mignon McLaughlin American journalist 1913 - 1983

The Complete Neurotic's Notebook (1981), Unclassified

K. R. Narayanan foto
Kóbó Abe foto

„Do you shovel to survive, or survive to shovel?“

—  Kóbó Abe, kniha The Woman in the Dunes

Zdroj: The Woman in the Dunes

Neal Stephenson foto

„I think visual literacy and media literacy is not without value, but I think plain old-fashioned text literacy and mathematical literacy are much more powerful and flexible ways to organize your mind.“

—  Neal Stephenson American science fiction writer 1959

Neal Stephenson coins the term "text literacy" during interview for the article "Pushing the Edge With 'Diamond Age' Nano-Machines," Associated Press, May 10, 1995

Tom Standage foto

„Literacy was power.“

—  Tom Standage British journalist 1969

Writing on the Wall: Social Media - The First 2,000 Years

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Neal Shusterman foto
Karl Marx foto

„Hence money may be dirt, although dirt is not money.“

—  Karl Marx German philosopher, economist, sociologist, journalist and revolutionary socialist 1818 - 1883

Vol. I, Ch. 3, Section 2, pg. 123.
(Buch I) (1867)

Jimi Hendrix foto

„Start with a shovel, wind up with a spoon“

—  Jimi Hendrix American musician, singer and songwriter 1942 - 1970

Rolling Stone Magazine interview, March 1970 http://crosstowntorrents.org/archive/index.php/t-1112.html

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Aesop Rock foto

„If I had a hammer, I'd build a city on stilts so my feet would stay dry when God's wine glass tilts. If I had a shovel, I'd dig a hole in the dirt and I'll be hiding when his drunken stupor lands upon earth“

—  Aesop Rock American rapper 1976

"Tugboat Complex" from the album Labor Days. Archived at " The Original Hip-Hop (Rap) Lyrics Archive http://ohhla.com/anonymous/aesoprck/rm_bside/tugboat.rck.txt," Accessed May 22, 2014.

Jean Jacques Rousseau foto
Thomas Fuller (writer) foto

„3168. Leave no Dirt, you’ll find no Dirt.“

—  Thomas Fuller (writer) British physician, preacher, and intellectual 1654 - 1734

Introductio ad prudentiam: Part II (1727), Gnomologia (1732)

„Nothing would give up life:
Even the dirt kept breathing a small breath.“

—  Theodore Roethke American poet 1908 - 1963

"Root Cellar," ll. 10-11
The Lost Son and Other Poems (1948)

Marshall McLuhan foto

„Schizophrenia may be a necessary consequence of literacy.“

—  Marshall McLuhan, kniha The Gutenberg Galaxy

Zdroj: The Gutenberg Galaxy (1962), p. 26

John of St. Samson foto

„To possess nothing and to be nothing is to be full of God.“

—  John of St. Samson 1571 - 1636

Kontext: Whoever refuses to follow Christ in His poverty will never possess Him in the abundance of His graces and virtues in this life, nor in His glory in the next. To possess nothing and to be nothing is to be full of God.

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