„What about a compromise? I’ll kill them first, and if it turns out they were friendly, I’ll apologize.“

—  Rick Riordan, kniha The Lost Hero

Zdroj: The Lost Hero

Rick Riordan foto
Rick Riordan7
americký spisovatel 1964

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„Too much imagination and I’ll scare myself to death. Too little and I’ll get myself killed.“

—  Larry Niven, kniha A World Out of Time

Zdroj: A World Out of Time (1976), Chapter 4 The Norn, Section 1 (p. 95)

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Poul Anderson foto

„Well, I’ll try to sketch it out for you, but I’ll have to repeat stuff I’ve told you before.“

—  Poul Anderson, kniha The Boat of a Million Years

“That’s all right. I’m a simon-pure layman. My basic thought habits were formed early in the Iron Age. Where it comes to science, I can use plenty of repetition.”
Zdroj: The Boat of a Million Years (1989), Chapter 18 “Judgment Day”, Section 3 (p. 331)

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Jessica Chastain foto

„I’ll be the first unknown that everyone’s going to be sick of“

—  Jessica Chastain American actress 1977

As quoted in "Hollywood's hidden treasure: Jessica Chastain interview" by Sheryl Garratt, in The Daily Telegraph (24 September 2011) http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/film/starsandstories/8776020/Hollywoods-hidden-treasure-Jessica-Chastain-interview.html
Kontext: I’ll be the first unknown that everyone’s going to be sick of … People will say, “We have no idea what her name is, but she is everywhere!" … I did Salomé with Al Pacino, The Tree of Life with Terrence Malick, and all these films that were interesting and had great characters. But because they were so interesting, perhaps the directors had more control of them. They take their time, they’re not on a schedule.

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„I think — I’ll have my staff get to you. It’s condominiums where — I’ll have them get to you.“

—  John McCain politician from the United States 1936 - 2018

When asked in an interview http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0808/12685.html how many houses he and Mrs. McCain owned, 20 August 2008
2000s, 2008

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„I’ll have to learn to snowshoe. I had my first lesson this morning and cut a ludicrous figure. I’ll be virtually a prisoner until I learn my way around. But any price is worth paying to get away from the thought-destroying din and soul-killing routine of the city!“

—  Fritz Leiber American writer of fantasy, horror, and science fiction 1910 - 1992

“Diary in the Snow” (p. 203); originally published in the first edition of Night's Black Agents (1947)
Short Fiction, Night's Black Agents (1947)

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Miles Davis foto

„I’ll play it and tell you what it is later.“

—  Miles Davis American jazz musician 1926 - 1991

In [So What: The Life of Miles Davis, John, Szwed, Random House, 2012, 9781448106462], and in many other books https://www.google.com/search?tbm=bks&hl=en&q=%22play+anything+on+a+horn%22+miles+davis#hl=en&q=%22+and+tell+you+what+it+is+later.+%22+miles+davis&tbm=bks
Sometimes rendered as: I'll play it first and tell you what it is later.
During a recording session for Prestige, on the album "Relaxin' with the Miles Davis Quintet" (1956).

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„I will stop any trade deal that kills jobs or holds down wages – including the . I oppose it now, I’ll oppose it after the election, and I’ll oppose it as President.“

—  Hillary Clinton American politician, senator, Secretary of State, First Lady 1947

Presidential campaign (April 12, 2015 – 2016), Speech in Warren, Michigan (August 11, 2016)
Kontext: I will stop any trade deal that kills jobs or holds down wages – including the. I oppose it now, I’ll oppose it after the election, and I’ll oppose it as President.... I will stand up to China and anyone else who tries to take advantage of American workers and companies. And I’m going to ramp up enforcement by appointing, for the first time, a chief trade prosecutor, I will triple the number of enforcement officers, and when countries break the rules, we won't hesitate to impose targeted tariffs.

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„All I say cancels out, I’ll have said nothing.“

—  Samuel Beckett Irish novelist, playwright, and poet 1906 - 1989

The Calmative (1946)

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„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“