„I am a vegetarian for health reasons—the health of the chicken.“

Singer was very devoted to the vegetarian cause and was frequently quoted as saying this statement, as reported in Judaism and Vegetarianism by Richard H. Schwartz (New York: Lantern Books, 2001, ISBN 1-930051-24-7), p. 177 https://books.google.it/books?id=zo5TqKQVcEgC&pg=PA177

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Isaac Bashevis Singer foto
Isaac Bashevis Singer7
polsko-židovsko-americký autor 1902 - 1991

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„Vegetarianism has three things going for it all at once—economics, health and compassion.“

—  Jean Mayer French-American scientist, university administrator 1920 - 1993

Quoted in "Vegetarianism: Growing Way of Life, Especially Among the Young" https://www.nytimes.com/1975/03/21/archives/vegetarianism-growing-way-of-life-especially-among-the-young.html by Judy Klemesrud, The New York Times (21 March 1975).

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„Every time we sit down to eat, we make a choice. Please choose vegetarianism. Do it for the animals. Do it for the environment, and do it for your health.“

—  Alec Baldwin American actor, writer, producer, and comedian 1954

From the documentary film Meet Your Meat (2002), last sentence of the documentary.

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„I am a utilitarian. I am also a vegetarian. I am a vegetarian because I am a utilitarian.“

—  Peter Singer Australian philosopher 1946

Utilitarianism and Vegetarianism, Philosophy & Public Affairs, 9(4): 325 (1980).

„Friends are admiring my age and health, and asking me the secret to live to such an age in good health. I usually answer them frankly: I have never paid attention to my health and age.“

—  Peter Chung Hoan Ting Malaysian catholic priest 1928

Archbishop Emeritus Peter Chung celebrates his 90th birthday http://www.heraldmalaysia.com/news/archbishop-emeritus-peter-chung-celebrates-his-90th-birthday/44331/1 (September 21, 2018)

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„Don't worry. For a man who has been dead for fifteen years I am in remarkable health. Love. Mr. Barrymore.“

—  John Barrymore American actor of stage, screen and radio 1882 - 1942

Telegram sent to Garson Kanin regarding Barrymore's rumored stroke following his collapse prior to a 1939 performance of Catherine Turney's My Dear Children at the Selwyn Theater in Chicago, as quoted in Kanin's Hollywood (1974), p. 45

„I am deliberately rejecting our present easy distinction between sickness and health, at least as far as surface symptoms are concerned.“

—  Abraham Maslow American psychologist 1908 - 1970

"Personality Problems and Personality Growth", an essay in, The Self : Explorations in Personal Growth (1956) by Clark E. Moustakas, p. 237, later published in Notes Toward A Psychology of Being (1962).
Kontext: I am deliberately rejecting our present easy distinction between sickness and health, at least as far as surface symptoms are concerned. Does sickness mean having symptoms? I maintain now that sickness might consist of not having symptoms when you should. Does health mean being symptom-free? I deny it. Which of the Nazis at Auschwitz or Dachau were healthy? Those with a stricken conscience or those with a nice, clear, happy conscience? Was it possible for a profoundly human person not to feel conflict, suffering, depression, rage, etc.?
In a word if you tell me you have a personality problem, I am not certain until I know you better whether to say "Good" or "I'm sorry". It depends on the reasons. And these, it seems, may be bad reasons, or they may be good reasons.
An example is the changing attitude of psychologists toward popularity, toward adjustment, even toward delinquency. Popular with whom? Perhaps it is better for a youngster to be unpopular with the neighboring snobs or with the local country club set. Adjusted to what? To a bad culture? To a dominating parent? What shall we think of a well-adjusted slave? A well-adjusted prisoner? Even the behavior problem boy is being looked upon with new tolerance. Why is he delinquent? Most often it is for sick reasons. But occasionally it is for good reasons and the boy is simply resisting exploitation, domination, neglect, contempt, and trampling upon. Clearly what will be called personality problems depends on who is doing the calling. The slave owner? The dictator? The patriarchal father? The husband who wants his wife to remain a child? It seems quite clear that personality problems may sometimes be loud protests against the crushing of one's psychological bones, of one's true inner nature.

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„It is exactly this men’s health void that creates your son’s men’s health opportunity.“

—  Warren Farrell author, spokesperson, expert witness, political candidate 1943

Zdroj: The Boy Crisis (2018), pp. 300

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„As you can see, I'm in good health. I have no message; just tell them, please, that I went to my death quietly and in good health.“

—  Kōki Hirota Japanese politician executed 1878 - 1948

Quoted in "War Criminal: The Life and Death of Hirota Koki" - Page 296 - by Saburō Shiroyama - 1977.

Mokshagundam Visveshvaraya foto

„I walked my way to good health“

—  Mokshagundam Visveshvaraya Indian engineer, scholar, statesman and the Diwan of Mysore 1860 - 1962

He said this at the age of 102, quoted in [Our Leaders, http://books.google.com/books?id=YwTh-vjSFXUC&pg=PA51, 1989, Children's Book Trust, 978-81-7011-701-8, 51]

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