„So the crow spirals down through a collapsed dream and the only sound it makes in like a concave scream.“

—  James O'Barr, The Crow

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James O'Barr3
umělec 1960

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„Life – the break of dawn, the sound of a stream.Twilight.Dusk. Silent or loud, eloquent scream of joy or despair or just an ecstatic dream…<Br“

—  Manav Gupta Indian artist 1967

Referenced from TEDx Talk (19 October, 2012) http://lingayasuniversity.edu.in/tedx/?page_id=77
"on my eyot", Manav Gupta (Anthology of poems, 2012)

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„Dreams are only dreams until you wake up and make them real.“

—  Ned Vizzini, kniha It's Kind of a Funny Story

Zdroj: It's Kind of a Funny Story

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„I am told, in a dream … you can only get the answer to all your questions through a dream.“

—  Eugéne Ionesco Romanian playwright 1909 - 1994

Speaking of a dream not fully remembered, in Fragments of a Journal (1966)
Kontext: I am told, in a dream... you can only get the answer to all your questions through a dream. So in my dream, I fall asleep, and I dream, in my dream, that I'm having that absolute, revealing dream.

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„On a poet's lips I slept
Dreaming like a love-adept
In the sound his breathing kept.“

—  Percy Bysshe Shelley, Prometheus Unbound

Fourth Spirit, Act I, l. 737
Prometheus Unbound (1818–1819; publ. 1820)

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„Sound is all our dreams of music. Noise is music's dreams of us.“

—  Morton Feldman American avant-garde composer 1926 - 1987

Sound Noise Varese Boulez, in Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music http://books.google.pl/books?id=FgDgCOSHPysC&pg=PA16&lpg=PA15&focus=viewport, edited by Christoph Cox, Daniel Warner. A&C Black, 2004. p. 16 http://books.google.pl/books?id=FgDgCOSHPysC&pg=PA16&lpg=PA15&focus=viewport.

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„It was the kind of collaboration I dream about actually. His voice sounded, you know, like an angel. Like a gift from God.“

—  Jeff Buckley American singer, guitarist and songwriter 1966 - 1997

Gary Lucas – Guitarist from NBC Edgewise Tribute on MSNBC from 1997.

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