„Self-consciousness is the enemy of all art, be it acting, writing, painting, or living itself, which is the greatest art of all.“

Ray Bradbury foto
Ray Bradbury41
americký spisovatel 1920 - 2012

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Emil Nolde foto

„The most perfect art was Greek art. Raphael is the greatest of all masters in painting.“

—  Emil Nolde German artist 1867 - 1956

Such were the doctrines of every art teacher only twenty or thirty years ago.
1900 - 1920

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Emil Nolde foto
William Soutar foto

„Art is for all — and the greatest art proves it.“

—  William Soutar British poet 1898 - 1943

Diary, 29 August 1932.
Quotation posted with the permission of the National Scottish Library, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Vanna Bonta foto
George Moore (novelist) foto

„Acting is therefore the lowest of the arts, if it is an art at all.“

—  George Moore (novelist) Irish novelist, short-story writer, poet, art critic, memoirist and dramatist 1852 - 1933

Impressions and Opinions (1891): "Mummer-Worship".

César Vallejo foto

„The arts (painting, poetry, etc.) are not just these. Eating, drinking, walking are also arts; every act is an art.“

—  César Vallejo Peruvian writer 1892 - 1938

Las artes (pintura, poesía, etc.) no son solo éstas. Artes son también comer, beber, caminar: todo acto es un arte.
p. 60
Aphorisms (2002)

Patrick Swift foto

„The Art of painting is itself an intensely personal activity.“

—  Patrick Swift British artist 1927 - 1983

X magazine (1959-62)
Kontext: The Art of painting is itself an intensely personal activity. It may be labouring the obvious to say so but it is too little recognised in art journalism now that a picture is a unique and private event in the life of the painter: an object made alone with a man and a blank canvas... A real painting is something which happens to the painter once in a given minute; it is unique in that it will never happen again and in this sense is an impossible object. It is judged by the painter simply as a success or failure without qualification. And it is something which happens in life not in art: a picture which was merely the product of art would not be very interesting and could tell us nothing we were not already aware of. The old saying, “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”, expresses the opposite idea to that which animates the painter before his canvas. It is precisely what he does not know which may destroy him.

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Truman Capote foto

„Always when I look at anyone's art, I get flashes of the person. If I walk into a room and there's a painting by Joan Mitchell, I say, "There's Joannie." Or Grace, if it's Grace Hartigan. And to me all art is self-portraits.“

—  Elaine de Kooning American painter 1918 - 1989

Quote in: an tape-recorded interview with Elaine de Kooning on August 27, 1981 http://www.aaa.si.edu/collections/interviews/oral-history-interview-elaine-de-kooning-11999; conducted by Phyllis Tuchman, for the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution: Oral Histories.
1972 - 1989

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Auguste Rodin foto
Herbert Read foto

„All art originates in an act of intuition or vision.“

—  Herbert Read English anarchist, poet, and critic of literature and art 1893 - 1968

Form in Modern Poetry(1932)

Vanna Bonta foto

„For literary purposes, the art of writing poetry can be simply defined as: A creative act using language as a medium refined to an art.“

—  Vanna Bonta Italian-American writer, poet, inventor, actress, voice artist (1958-2014) 1958 - 2014

The Cosmos as a Poem (2010)

Eugène Fromentin foto

„The art of painting is only the art of expressing the invisible by the visible. Whether its roads be great or small, they are sown with problems which it is permitted to sound for one's self as truth, but which it is well to leave in their darkness as mysteries.“

—  Eugène Fromentin French painter 1820 - 1876

Quote from The Old Masters of Belgium and Holland - Les Maitres d’Autrefois, 'Preface', Eugène Fromentin; ed. Mary Caroline Robbins, publisher: J. R. Osgood and company, Boston 1882, p. iv

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Ralph Waldo Emerson foto
Maurice Denis foto

„Painting is first of all the art of imitation, and not the servant of some imaginary 'purity“

—  Maurice Denis French painter 1870 - 1943

as cited on Wikipedia: Maurice Denis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maurice_Denis - reference [42]
Nouvelles théories sur l'art moderne..., 1922

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