„They had only ever discussed books but what, in this life, is more personal than books?“

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Gabrielle Zevin8
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„Sybil had an unreal, larger-than-life feeling... as if she were a person in a book.“

—  Rudy Rucker American mathematician, computer scientist, science fiction author and philosopher 1946
p. 103

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„No two persons ever read the same book.“

—  Edmund Wilson American writer, literary and social critic, and noted man of letters 1895 - 1972

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„I think no book is more stimulating than the history of a devoted and successful life.“

—  Frederick Winslow Taylor American mechanical engineer and tennis player 1856 - 1915
F.W. Taylor (1911) in letter to , who just published his autobiography; Cited in: Frank Barkley Copley, Frederick W. Taylor, father of scientific management https://archive.org/stream/frederickwtaylor01copl, 1923. p. v.

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