„She says people ought to learn to live like them, with the body abandoned in a wilderness, and in the mind the memory of a single kiss, a single word, a single look to stand for a whole love.“

—  Marguerite Duras, kniha Blue Eyes, Black Hair

Zdroj: Blue Eyes, Black Hair

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Marguerite Duras foto
Marguerite Duras1
francouzská spisovatelka 1914 - 1996

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E.E. Cummings foto

„hugest whole creation may be less
incalculable than a single kiss“

—  E.E. Cummings American poet 1894 - 1962

73 poems (1963)

David Levithan foto


Those mornings when we kiss and surrender for an hour before we say a single word.“

—  David Levithan, The Lover's Dictionary

Zdroj: The Lover's Dictionary

Aristotle foto

„Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.“

—  Aristotle Classical Greek philosopher, student of Plato and founder of Western philosophy -384 - -321 př. n. l.

„Love is the silent saying and saying of a single name.“

—  Mignon McLaughlin American journalist 1913 - 1983

The Complete Neurotic's Notebook (1981), Love

Ian McEwan foto

„… falling in love could be achieved in a single word—a glance.“

—  Ian McEwan, kniha Atonement

Zdroj: Atonement

Ashley Montagu foto

„The Eskimos live among ice all their lives but have no single word for ice.“

—  Ashley Montagu British-American anthropologist 1905 - 1999

Zdroj: Man: His first Million Years, (1957); this quote begins the penultimate chapter of Trout Fishing in America by Richard Brautigan

Ann Brashares foto

„She loved her mother and depended on her mother, and yet every single word her mother said annoyed her.“

—  Ann Brashares, kniha Sisterhood Everlasting

Zdroj: Sisterhood Everlasting

Alyson Nöel foto

„The love of every single one of my lives.“

—  Alyson Nöel, kniha Blue Moon

Zdroj: Blue Moon

Virginia Woolf foto
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk foto

„Mankind is a single body and each nation a part of that body.“

—  Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Turkish army officer, revolutionary, and the first President of Turkey 1881 - 1938

As quoted by Paul Wolfowitz in an address to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Washington, D.C. (13 March 2002) http://www.defenselink.mil/speeches/speech.aspx?speechid=198
Kontext: Mankind is a single body and each nation a part of that body. We must never say "What does it matter to me if some part of the world is ailing?" If there is such an illness, we must concern ourselves with it as though we were having that illness.

Hermann Hesse foto

„As a body everyone is single, as a soul never.“

—  Hermann Hesse, kniha Stepní vlk

Zdroj: Steppenwolf (1927), p. 59

Annie Besant foto

„In concentration, the consciousness is held to a single image; the whole attention of the Knower is fixed on a single point, without wavering or swerving.“

—  Annie Besant British socialist, theosophist, women's rights activist, writer and orator 1847 - 1933

Thought Power: Its Control and Culture, 1903 http://books.google.co.in/books?id=0ePGCV4K34sC&pg=PA79, p. 79

Audre Lorde foto
Giordano Bruno foto

„The single spirit doth simultaneously temper the whole together; this is the single soul of all things; all are filled with God.“

—  Giordano Bruno Italian philosopher, mathematician and astronomer 1548 - 1600

IV 9; as translated by Dorothea Waley Singer (1950)
De immenso (1591)

Vladimir Lenin foto

„The whole of society will have become a single office and a single factory with equality of work an equality of pay.“

—  Vladimir Lenin Russian politician, led the October Revolution 1870 - 1924

5.4, Essential Works of Lenin (1966)

Aristotle foto

„What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.“

—  Aristotle Classical Greek philosopher, student of Plato and founder of Western philosophy -384 - -321 př. n. l.

Varianta: A friend is one soul abiding in two bodies.
Zdroj: The Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers, p. 188; also reported in various sources as:
Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.
A true friend is one soul in two bodies.
Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.
What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.

Emily Dickinson foto
Condoleezza Rice foto

„My Fox guys, I love every single one of them.“

—  Condoleezza Rice American Republican politician; U.S. Secretary of State; political scientist 1954

Comments overheard on an open microphone between morning television interviews http://web.archive.org/web/20070111182154/http://www.cnn.com/2007/POLITICS/01/11/rice.reut/index.html, January 11, 2007.

Joan Didion foto

„A single person is missing for you, and the whole world is empty.“

—  Joan Didion, The Year of Magical Thinking

Zdroj: The Year of Magical Thinking

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