„We live in a dark and romantic and quite tragic world.“

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německý módní návrhář 1933 - 2019

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„For a world with so much sun we live in a dark place, in a dark time.“

—  Nick Drake (poet) British writer 1961

The Rahotep series, Book 2: Tutankhamun

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„There are many, many dark things flowing around in this world right now, and most films reflect the world in which we live.“

—  David Lynch, kniha Catching the Big Fish

Darkness, p. 91
Catching the Big Fish (2006)
Kontext: People have asked me why — if meditation is so great and gives you so much bliss — are my films so dark, and there's so much violence?
There are many, many dark things flowing around in this world right now, and most films reflect the world in which we live. They're stories. Stories are always going to have conflict. They're going to have highs and lows, and good and bad.
I fall in love with certain ideas. And I am where I am. Now, if I told you I was enlightened, and this is enlightened filmmaking, that would be another story. But I'm just a guy from Missoula, Montana, doing my thing, going down the road like everybody else.
We all reflect the world we live in. Even if you make a period film, it will reflect your times. You can see the way period films differ, depending on when they were made. It's a sensibility — how they talk, certain themes — and those things change as the world changes.
And so, even though I'm from Missoula, Montana, which is not the surrealistic capital of the world, you could be anywhere and see a kind of strangeness in how the world is these days, or have a certain way of looking at things.

„The most tragic waste… is in the spiritual lives of men.“

—  Kirby Page American clergyman 1890 - 1957

Zdroj: Something More, A Consideration of the Vast, Undeveloped Resources of Life (1920), p. 83
Kontext: The most tragic waste... is in the spiritual lives of men. Men who have the capacity for sonship and brotherhood are living as aliens and enemies, men who have the capacity for companionship are living as hermits, men who have the capacity for mighty victories are living as helpless slaves, men who have the capacity for service are living as parasites. Man is only a small fraction of what he might be.

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„If we don't take that time (to be romantic), then it's karate, then it's ballet, and then there's Christmas, and then my husband is flying off to tour around the world.“

—  Heidi Klum German model, television host, businesswoman, fashion designer, television producer, and actress 1973

Discussing staying romantic in a marriage with children. Quoted by Jennifer Weiner in InStyle, February 2010.

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„Man is an imperfect animal and never quite trustworthy in the dark.“

—  H. G. Wells, kniha The Open Conspiracy

The Open Conspiracy (1928)

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„It is — last stage of all —
When we are frozen up within, and quite
The phantom of ourselves,
To hear the world applaud the hollow ghost
Which blamed the living man.“

—  Matthew Arnold English poet and cultural critic who worked as an inspector of schools 1822 - 1888

" Growing Old" (1867), st. 7

„Over this odd world, this half the world that's dark now, I have to hunt a thing that lives on tears.“

—  Thomas Harris, The Silence of the Lambs

Zdroj: The Silence of the Lambs

„We can never be quite clear whether we are referring to the world as it is or to the world as we see it.“

—  Gregory Bateson English anthropologist, social scientist, linguist, visual anthropologist, semiotician and cyberneticist 1904 - 1980

Zdroj: Communication: The Social Matrix of Psychiatry, 1951, p. 238 cited in: William Rasch, Cary Wolfe (2000) Observing Complexity: Systems Theory and Postmodernity. p. 36

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„Once Europe existed in a Dark Age and Islam carried the torch of learning. Now we Muslims live in a Dark age.“

—  Mahmud Tarzi Afghan writer 1865 - 1933

Mahmud Tarzi, reflecting on King Amanullah's exile. http://www.afghan-web.com/history/quotes.html Link

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„[S]ocialists are romantics in that they want to curate their lives entirely based on their own feelings.“

—  Jonah Goldberg American political writer and pundit 1969

2010s, 2018, A Free People Must Be Virtuous (2018)

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„“You’re a romantic, aren’t you?” she said.
“I suppose I am.”
“I am too. The silliest people in the world are romantics.”“

—  Greg Bear American writer best known for science fiction 1951

Zdroj: Blood Music (1985), Chapter 39 (p. 210)

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