„Some crushes just never went away. They built, instead, into something permanent, obsessive and all consuming.“

—  Maya Banks

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„We know something about billionaire consumption, but it is hard to measure some of it. Some billionaires are consuming politicians, others consume reporters, and some consume academics.“

—  Thomas Piketty French economist 1971

Quoted in Chuck Collins, Nit-Picking Piketty http://inequality.org/nitpicking-piketty/ (2015).
At ASSA http://events.mediasite.com/Mediasite/Play/b6d6725ea1df49c896fc82465f732e9b1d, 01:40:27.

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„It is better to crush a gland instead of an oak.“

—  André Gernez French physician 1923 - 2014

Il vaut mieux écraser un gland plutôt qu'un chêne.
From La cinécellulaire: extrait des mises au point de la biologie, personal notes (2008)

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„A BOUNTY on the exportation of corn tends to lower its price to the foreign consumer, but it has no permanent effect on its price in the home market.“

—  David Ricardo British political economist, broker and politician 1772 - 1823

Zdroj: The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation (1821) (Third Edition), Chapter XXII, Bounties and Prohibitions, p. 201

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„As a people we have become obsessed with Health. There is something fundamentally, radically unhealthy about all this.“

—  Lewis Thomas American physician, poet and educator 1913 - 1993

"The Health-Care System", p. 47
The Medusa and the Snail: More Notes of a Biology Watcher (1979)
Kontext: As a people we have become obsessed with Health. There is something fundamentally, radically unhealthy about all this. We do not seem to be seeking more exuberance in living as much as staving off failure, putting off dying. We have lost all confidence in the human body.

„I had these obsessive desires and thoughts wanting to control them [victims], to–I don't know how to put it–possess them permanently.“

—  Jeffrey Dahmer American serial killer, cannibal and necrophile 1960 - 1994

Inside Edition Interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtvmGdzgdLM

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„I knew — because of my race, and my class, and rural geography … all these forces that crush all sorts of American kids, crush their hopes and dreams — I knew I had no chance unless I left and went to a better school.“

—  Sherman Alexie Native American author and filmmaker 1966

On Alexie’s realization that the school on his reservation offered few educational opportunities in “Sherman Alexie Says He's Been 'Indian Du Jour' For A 'Very Long Day'” http://www.npr.org/2017/06/20/533653471/sherman-alexie-says-hes-been-indian-du-jour-for-a-very-long-day in NPR (2017 Jun 20)

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