„Some hae meat and cann eat,
And some wad eat that want it;
But we hae meat, and we can eat,
And sae the Lord be thankit.“

— Robert Burns, The Selkirk Grace (1793)

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Robert Burns7
1759 - 1796

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„Some people say I'm a pussy. I say, you are what you eat.“

— Peter Steele American musician 1962 - 2010
Source: During a live performance

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„It's OK to eat fish
'Cos they don't have any feelings“

— Kurt Cobain American musician and artist 1967 - 1994
Something In The Way

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„By reluctance to criticize some of it, we may help to destroy it all.“

— Karl Popper Austrian-British philosopher of science 1902 - 1994
Context: If in this book harsh words are spoken about some of the greatest among the intellectual leaders of mankind, my motive is not, I hope, the wish to belittle them. It springs rather from my conviction that, if our civilization is to survive, we must break with the habit of deference to great men. Great men may make great mistakes; and as the book tries to show, some of the greatest leaders of the past supported the perennial attack on freedom and reason. Their influence, too rarely challenged, continues to mislead those on whose defence civilization depends, and to divide them. The responsibility of this tragic and possibly fatal division becomes ours if we hesitate to be outspoken in our criticism of what admittedly is a part of our intellectual heritage. By reluctance to criticize some of it, we may help to destroy it all. Preface to the First Edition

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