„It wasn't the fog I minded, Cathleen. I really love fog. It hides you from the world and the world from you. You feel that everything has changed, and nothing is what it seemed to be. No one can find or touch you any more. Its the foghorn I hate. It won't let you alone. It keeps reminding you, and warning you, and calling you back.“

—  Eugene Gladstone O`Neill, Long Day's Journey into Night

Page 100-101 (Act 3)
Long Day's Journey into Night (1955)
Zdroj: Long Day's Journey Into Night

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Eugene Gladstone O`Neill5
americký dramatik a nositel Nobelovy ceny za literaturu 1888 - 1953

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„You can search the world for happiness but you won't find it until you start being content with what the Almighty has already given you.“

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