„Acting is therefore the lowest of the arts, if it is an art at all.“

—  George Moore, Impressions and Opinions (1891): "Mummer-Worship".
George Moore foto
George Moore4
irský romanopisec, krátký-příběh, spisovatel, básník, výtva… 1852 - 1933

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Herbert Read foto

„All art originates in an act of intuition or vision.“

—  Herbert Read English anarchist, poet, and critic of literature and art 1893 - 1968

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Ernst Ludwig Kirchner foto

„.. art is made by man. His own figure is the center of all art… Therefore one must begin with the man himself.“

—  Ernst Ludwig Kirchner German painter, sculptor, engraver and printmaker 1880 - 1938
c. 1910; as quoted in: Der Blick auf Fränzi und Marcella: Zwei Modelle der Brücke-Künstler Heckel, Kirchner und Pechstein, Norbert Nobis; Sprengel Museum Hannover und Stiftung Moritzburg, 2011, p 17

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Ralph Ellison foto

„The work of art is, after all, an act of faith in our ability to communicate symbolically.“

—  Ralph Ellison American novelist, literary critic, scholar and writer 1914 - 1994
"The Little Man at Chehaw Station" (1978), in The Collected Essays, ed. John F. Callahan (New York: Modern Library, 1995), p. 503.

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„… if it is art, it is not for all, and if it is for all, it is not art.“

—  Arnold Schoenberg Austrian-American composer 1874 - 1951
from New Music, Outmoded Music, Style and Idea (1946); as quoted in Style and Idea (1985), p. 124

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„Art is not for the personal satisfaction of one or the other, but art wants to return all what’s in life… Art wants to give back everything what’s in our lives. The more comprehensive the artist stands in life the more powerful his work will speak, and therefore a work of art is a measure of the mental size of his creator.“

—  Bram van Velde Dutch painter 1895 - 1981
Letter to H. E. Kramer, 25-10-1926, as quoted in: Bram van Velde, A Tribute, Municipal Museum De Lakenhal Leiden, Municipal Museum Schiedam, Museum de Wieger, Deurne 1994, p. 44 (English translation: Charlotte Burgmans)

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William Soutar foto

„Art is for all — and the greatest art proves it.“

—  William Soutar British poet 1898 - 1943
Diary, 29 August 1932. Quotation posted with the permission of the National Scottish Library, Edinburgh, Scotland.

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