„Imagine being killed by a bow and arrow. That would suck, an arrow killed you? They would never solve the crime. "Look at that dead guy. Let's go that way."“

Mitch All Together (2003)

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Mitch Hedberg15
stand-up komik 1968 - 2005

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William Shakespeare foto

„Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps.“

—  William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing

Hero, Act III, scene i.
Zdroj: Much Ado About Nothing (1598)

Robert Jordan foto

„An arrow may not be a shocklance, yet it can still kill you.“

—  Robert Jordan American writer 1948 - 2007

Sammael to Graendal
(15 October 1994)

Jack McDevitt foto

„A man without money is a bow without an arrow.“

—  Jack McDevitt, kniha Ancient Shores

Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, epigram for Chapter 18 (p. 180)
Ancient Shores (1996)

Bernard Cornwell foto
Sam Cooke foto
James Patterson foto

„Fang was going to kill me. And after I was dead, he would kill me again.“

—  James Patterson American author 1947

Zdroj: The Angel Experiment

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Charles Addams foto
Attila foto

„Get ready to hunt when you go hunting. Take your best bow and arrow with you. Wear the best clothes for you while chasing animals in the forest.“

—  Attila King of the Hunnic Empire 406 - 453

Turkish Wikipedia

Ludwig Wittgenstein foto

„The arrow points only in the application that a living being makes of it.“

—  Ludwig Wittgenstein, kniha Philosophical Investigations

§ 454
Philosophical Investigations (1953)
Kontext: "Everything is already there in...." How does it come about that [an] arrow points? Doesn't it seem to carry in it something besides itself? — "No, not the dead line on paper; only the psychical thing, the meaning, can do that." — That is both true and false. The arrow points only in the application that a living being makes of it.

Jürgen Klopp foto

„We have a bow and arrow and if we aim well, we can hit the target. The problem is that Bayern has a bazooka.“

—  Jürgen Klopp German association football player and manager 1967

Klopp comparing the financial capabilities of Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.
About Bayern Munich

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William Blake foto

„For a tear is an intellectual thing,
And a sigh is the sword of an Angel King,
And the bitter groan of the martyr's woe
Is an arrow from the Almighty's bow.“

—  William Blake English Romantic poet and artist 1757 - 1827

The Gray Monk, st. 8
1800s, Poems from the Pickering Manuscript (c. 1805)

Mike Oldfield foto

„Somebody's out to get you
Hiding in the shadows
Poison arrows!
Somebody's out to break you
Hiding in narrows
Poison arrows!“

—  Mike Oldfield English musician, multi-instrumentalist 1953

Song lyrics, Discovery (1984)

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