„Charlie Chaplin and I would have a friendly contest: Who could do the feature film with the least subtitles?“

Interview with Studs Terkel (1960)

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Buster Keaton1
americký herec a filmař 1895 - 1966

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„Watching a Norwegian film: character screams "Satan" and the English subtitle reads "Christ". That's was I call subliminal messaging.“

—  Johannes Grenzfurthner Austrian artist, writer, curator, and theatre and film director 1975

lecture performance at CMU Pittsburgh, 2016.

„Feature films are more exciting because you have so much more pressure on you, there’s people all around and you’re in the setting of the film. I definitely enjoy feature films more.“

—  Dakota Goyo actor 1999

Interview with “Real Steel” star Dakota Goyo https://lights-camera-jackson.com/interview-with-real-steel-star-dakota-goyo1/ (October 13, 2011)

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Wesley Snipes foto

„You know, if I would have understood the potential of… doing, or adapting comic book characters to feature films, and also the tie-in to gaming and digital technology, when I was doing the first Blade films, then I’d be in a different business right now. I’d be in a whole different ball game.“

—  Wesley Snipes film actor, Martial artist, film producer 1962

Wesley Snipes, Wesley Snipes interview: 'Robert Downey Jr called me for advice about Iron Man' http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/film/11016602/Wesley-Snipes-interview-Robert-Downey-Jr-called-me-for-advice-about-Iron-Man.html, Daily Telegraph, 9 August 2014

Bong Joon-ho foto

„Once you overcome the one-inch-tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films.“

—  Bong Joon-ho South Korean film director and screenwriter 1969

Zdroj: As quoted from his Oscar acceptance speech, cited in many media even year later, e.g. in "Lost in translation? The one-inch truth about Netflix’s subtitle problem" in The Guardian (14 October 2021) https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2021/oct/14/squid-game-netflix-translations-subtitle-problem

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„But when I asked myself, as I often do: 'What would Judge Friendly have done?“

—  Merrick Garland American judge 1952

March 18, 2016, Merrick Garland, Presentation of the Friendly Medal to William H. Webster, May 24, 2013, American Law Institute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5U6ekOfpi4, and also excerpted quote in:
[March 18, 2016, The Quotable Merrick Garland: A Collection of Writings and Remarks, http://www.nationallawjournal.com/home/id=1202752327128/The-Quotable-Merrick-Garland-A-Collection-of-Writings-and-Remarks, Zoe Tillman, The National Law Journal, March 16, 2016, 0162-7325]
Court opinions and media comments

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„The only way it would work for me is if it was a full-length feature film directed by Joss Whedon or Tim Minear or David Greenwalt.“

—  David Boreanaz American actor, famous for Angel and Buffy 1969

TV Guide interview, on becoming Angel again.

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„I wish I would have had more to do in the film. I hated to get killed so soon.“

—  Bruce Bennett actor 1906 - 2007

Referring to his role in the The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948), as quoted in Please Don't Call Me Tarzan : The Life Story of Herman Brix/Bruce Bennett (2001) by Mike Chapman; also in "Herman Brix, 100; Olympian became actor known as Bruce Bennett" by Dennis McLellan in The Los Angeles Times (28 February 2007) http://articles.latimes.com/2007/feb/28/local/me-bennett28

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„What's up with the racewalkers? I mean I respect them as athletes but come on… a contest to see who can walk the fastest is like having a contest to see who can whisper the loudest.“

—  Bob Costas American sportscaster 1952

On the September 24, 2000 Olympic w:racewalk broadcast, quoted in "No Respect for Olympic Racewalking" https://www.verywellfit.com/no-respect-for-olympic-racewalking-3435871

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„I was approached to do a film script for the Beatles. I said it would have to be an absolutely original script. Paul McCartney said do whatever you like. I said that means you'll never be able to do it.“

—  Joe Orton English playwright and author 1933 - 1967

Interview with Barry Hanson, programme notes of Peter Gill's Royal Court production of The Erpingham Camp and The Ruffian on the Stair http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/town/parade/abj76/PG/pieces/joe_orton.shtml (June 1967)

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„The ultimate for me would be to do a feature that didn't require any narrative structure.“

—  Johnny Depp American actor, film producer, and musician 1963

Quoted in Ron Dicker, "Going deep with rebel Johnny Depp," Baltimore Sun (2003-07-08)

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„I mean not to boast; I would not excite envy, but manly emulation. We have all one common cause; let it, therefore, be our only contest, who shall most contribute to the security of the liberties of America.“

—  John Hancock American Patriot and statesman during the American Revolution (1737–1793) 1737 - 1793

Boston Massacre Oration (1774)
Kontext: I mean not to boast; I would not excite envy, but manly emulation. We have all one common cause; let it, therefore, be our only contest, who shall most contribute to the security of the liberties of America. And may the same kind Providence which has watched over this country from her infant state still enable us to defeat our enemies!

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