„The booby father craves a booby son,
And by Heaven’s blessing thinks himself undone.“

—  Edward Young, Satire II, l. 165.
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Edward Young3
1683 - 1765

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„If you're a father of sons, think of a man you'd like your boys to emulate, then be that man--exemplify his selflessness, fidelity, courage.“

—  Robert P. George American legal scholar 1955
Twitter post https://twitter.com/McCormickProf/status/911713887061409797 (23 September 2017)

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„I did think I did see all heaven before me, and the great God himself.“

—  George Frideric Handel German, later British Baroque composer 1685 - 1759
Horatio Townsend An Account of the Visit of Handel to Dublin (1852) p. 93, citing Laetitia Matilda Hawkins Anecdotes, Biographical Sketches and Memoirs vol. 1 (1822). His reply on being asked what his feelings were while writing the "Hallelujah Chorus".

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„I have had a son killed, a son-in-law die during the last battle of Nashville, another son has thrown himself away, a second son-in-law is in no better condition, I think I have had sorrow enough without having my bank account examined by a Committee of Congress.“

—  Andrew Johnson American politician, 17th president of the United States (in office from 1865 to 1869) 1808 - 1875
Letter to his friend Colonel William G. Moore, complaining of Congressional investigations.... (1 May 1867).

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„To this day we cannot enjoy the blessing brought to us in Christ without thinking at the same time of that which God gave as adornment and honour to Mary, in willing her to be the mother of his only-begotten Son.“

—  John Calvin French Protestant reformer 1509 - 1564
New Testament Commentaries, John 1.32; as quoted in Thomas F. Torrance, "A Harmony of Matthew, Mark and Luke” https://books.google.com/books/about/A_harmony_of_the_Gospels_Matthew_Mark_an.html?id=0diPvgAACAAJ (St. Andrew's Press, Edinburgh, 1972), p.32. and "The Gospel of St. John: The Story of the Son of God" https://books.google.com/books?isbn=113704120X

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„Sometimes ah think that people become junkies just because they subconsiously crave a wee bit ay silence.“

—  Irvine Welsh, Trainspotting
Renton, "Kicking: The Skag Boys, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Mother Superior" (Chapter 1, Story 1).

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„I loved Fred so, and I mean that in the nicest, warmest way: I had such affection for him artistically. I think that experience with Fred was a divine blessing. It blessed me, I know, and I don't think blessings are one sided.“

—  Ginger Rogers American actress and dancer 1911 - 1995
Reported by Dick Richards in "Ginger: Salute to a Star", quoting Rogers from Francis Wyndham's story about Ginger Rogers, in London's "Sunday Times Magazine".

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