„Every artist writes his own autobiography.“

The New Spirit

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Havelock Ellis7
britský lékař, spisovatel a sociální reformátor 1859 - 1939

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„To write an autobiography of Groucho Marx would be as asinine as to read an autobiography of Groucho Marx.“

—  Groucho Marx American comedian 1890 - 1977

Just after completing his second autobiography, as quoted in The Marx Brothers: A Bio-bibliography (1987) by Wes D. Gehring, p. 137

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„Nothing is more difficult than writing an autobiography.“

—  Alexandra Kollontai Soviet diplomat 1872 - 1952

The Autobiography of a Sexually Emancipated Communist Woman (1926)
Kontext: Nothing is more difficult than writing an autobiography. What should be emphasized? Just what is of general interest? It is advisable, above all, to write honestly and dispense with any of the conventional introductory protestations of modesty. For if one is called upon to tell about one's life so as to make the events that made it what it became useful to the general public, it can mean only that one must have already wrought something positive in life, accomplished a task that people recognize. Accordingly it is a matter of forgetting that one is writing about oneself, of making an effort to abjure one's ego so as to give an account, as objectively as possible, of one's life in the making and of one's accomplishments.

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„I don't think anybody should write his autobiography until after he's dead.“

—  Samuel Goldwyn American film producer (1879-1974). 1879 - 1974

Quoted in Arthur Marx, Goldwyn: The Man Behind the Myth (1976), prologue

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„The artist creates his own elite, and the elite its own artists.“

—  E.H. Gombrich

Zdroj: Art and Illusion: A Study in the Psychology of Pictorial Representation

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„I shall never write an autobiography, I'm much too jealous of my privacy for that.“

—  Nadine Gordimer South african Nobel-winning writer 1923 - 2014

"The conscience of South Africa talks about her country's new racial order" (1998) by Dwight Garner http://web.archive.org/web/20000302013506/http://www.salon.com/books/int/1998/03/cov_si_09int.html

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„Everyone loathes his own country and countrymen if he is any sort of artist.“

—  Lawrence Durrell British novelist, poet, dramatist, and travel writer 1912 - 1990

Letter to Henry Miller, 1948

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