„Any Organized social group is always a stratified social body. There has not been and does not exist any permanent social group which is "flat" and in which all members are equal.“

Pitirim Sorokin (1927) Social Mobility, p. 12

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Pitirim Sorokin foto
Pitirim Sorokin
1889 - 1968

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„The demand for group rights will widen in the society, because social life increasingly becomes organized on a group basis.“

—  Daniel Bell, kniha The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism

Zdroj: The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism (1976), Chapter 5, Unstable America, p. 198

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„The Constitution favors no racial group, no political or social group.“

—  William O. Douglas Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States 1898 - 1980

Dissenting, Uphaus v. Wyman, 364 U.S. 388, 406 (1960)
Judicial opinions

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„This great body (the social body) subsists by virtue of conservative principles, as does everything which has proceeded from the hands of the Almighty…“

—  Adolphe Quetelet Belgian astronomer, mathematician, statistician and sociologist 1796 - 1874

As quoted from his Letters, in Hankins, Frank Hamilton. 1908. "Adolphe Quetelet as Statistician." Columbia University, Longmans, Green & Company, agents, Chapter IV https://www.ischool.utexas.edu/~wyllys/QueteletResources/HankinsQueteletChap4.pdf. p. 99
Kontext: This great body (the social body) subsists by virtue of conservative principles, as does everything which has proceeded from the hands of the Almighty... When we think we have reached the highest point of the scale we find laws as fixed as those which govern the heavenly bodies: we turn to the phenomena of physics, where the free will of man is entirely effaced, so that the work of the Creator may predominate without hindrance. The collection of these laws, which exist independently of time and of the caprices of man, form a separate science, which I have considered myself entitled to name social physics.

„INSTITUTION is a verbal symbol which for want of a better describes a cluster of social usages. It connotes a way of thought or action of some prevalence and permanence, which is embedded in the habits of a group or the customs of a people.“

—  Walton Hale Hamilton Yale Law Professor 1881 - 1958

Hamilton, Walton H. (1932), " Institution http://www.cos.ufrj.br/~mvbsoares/ecoinst/artigos/Hamilton_Institution.pdf," in Edwin R. A. Seligman and Alvin Johnson (eds), Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences, Vol. VIII, New York: Macmillan, pp. 84–89.

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Reinhold Niebuhr foto

„A Nazi social philosophy has been a covert presumption of the whole Oxford group enterprise from the very beginning.“

—  Reinhold Niebuhr American protestant theologian 1892 - 1971

Zdroj: Christianity and Power Politics (1936), Chapter 29: "Hitler and Buchman"

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