„To me, looking at other people in terms of what is wrong with them —these gradations of disturbance— was and is distasteful. Always implicit in the doctor's view is, of course, how much more "healthy" you are than they. And this is almost never the case.“

Zdroj: Final Analysis (1990), p. 94

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Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson2
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„My personal obsessions are much more interesting to me than other people's.“

—  Peter Greenaway British film director 1942

In an interview in Film Comment, May/June 1990

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„Younger people actually understand how it works. They don't just take what they are fed according to their preferences; they go look at other things. So I've always been more anti-baby boomer and more pro-millennial.“

—  William Kristol American writer 1952

As quoted in "Bill Kristol: 'I've Always Been More Anti-Baby Boomer and More Pro-Millennial'" https://bold.global/reneebc/2018/10/30/bill-kristol-ive-always-been-more-anti-baby-boomer-and-more-pro-millennial/ (30 October 2018), by Renee Brown-Cheng, Bold
2010s, 2018

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