„Action is what separates the do-ers from the dreamers.“

—  Lennox Lewis, Lennox Lewis (From his Twitter account)
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Lennox Lewis5
bývalý přeborník v těžké váze a profesionální boxer 1965

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„The superiority of the dreamer is that dreaming is much more practical than living, and that the dreamer extracts from life a much vaster and varied pleasure than the action man. In better and more direct words, the dreamer is the real action man.“

—  Fernando Pessoa, kniha The Book of Disquiet
The Book of Disquiet, Original: A superioridade do sonhador consiste em que sonhar é muito mais prático que viver, e em que o sonhador extrai da vida um prazer muito mais vasto e muito mais variado do que o homem de acção. Em melhores e mais directas palavras, o sonhador é que é o homem de acção. Ibid., p. 110

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„The greatest man of action is he who is the greatest, and a life-long, dreamer.“

—  Louis Sullivan American architect 1856 - 1924
Education (1902), Context: He who knows naught of dreaming can, likewise, never attain the heights of power and possibility in persuading the mind to act. He who dreams not creates not. For vapor must arise in the air before the rain can fall. The greatest man of action is he who is the greatest, and a life-long, dreamer. For in him the dreamer is fortified against destruction by a far-seeing eye, a virile mind, a strong will, a robust courage. And so has perished the kindly dreamer — on the cross or in the garret. A democracy should not let its dreamers perish. They are its life, its guaranty against decay. Thus would I expand the sympathies of youth. Thus would I liberate and discipline all the constructive faculties of the mind and encourage true insight, true expression, real individuality. Thus would I concentrate the powers of will. Thus would I shape character. Thus would I make good citizens. And thus would I lay the foundations for a generation of real architects — real, because true, men, and dreamers in action.

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„Ideas do not exist separately from language.“

—  Karl Marx German philosopher, economist, sociologist, journalist and revolutionary socialist 1818 - 1883
(1857/58), Die Ideen exis­tie­ren nicht ge­trennt von der Spra­che. Notebook I, The Chapter on Money, p. 83.

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„Look the point is … er, what is the point? It is a tough job but somebody has got to do it.“

—  Boris Johnson British politician, historian and journalist 1964
2000s, 2004, Toby Helm, "Boris Johnson named shadow arts minister", Daily Telegraph, 7 May 2004, p. 12. On being appointed Shadow Arts Minister.

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„The seasons shall tire and the years grow old, ere they exhaust these words: "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do."“

—  Khalil Gibran, kniha Jesus, The Son of Man
Jesus, The Son of Man (1928), Context: I too died. But in the depth of my oblivion I heard Him speak and say, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." And His voice sought my drowned spirit and I was brought back to the shore. And I opened my eyes and I saw His white body hanging against the cloud, and His words that I had heard took the shape within me and became a new man. And I sorrowed no more. Who would sorrow for a sea that is unveiling its face, or for a mountain that laughs in the sun? Was it ever in the heart of man, when that heart was pierced, to say such words? What other judge of men has released His judges? And did ever love challenge hate with power more certain of itself? Was ever such a trumpet heard 'twixt heaven and earth? Was it known before that the murdered had compassion on his murderers? Or that the meteor stayed his footsteps for the mole? The seasons shall tire and the years grow old, ere they exhaust these words: "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." Philip: And When He Died All Mankind Died

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„What democracy is cannot be separated from what democracy should be.“

—  Giovanni Sartori Italian journalist and political scientist 1924 - 2017
The Theory of Democracy Revisited (1987), 1. Can Democracy Be Just Anyting?

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