„There isn't anyone else like Nathan. He is able to express more in a look or a word than most actors I've ever worked with.“

Victor Garber — reported in Maureen Dezell (October 19, 2003) "Nathan Lane Goes Beyond Broadway", The Boston Globe, p. N1.

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Nathan Lane17
American actor 1956

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„I've seen most of Nathan's work, but it was seeing both 'Lisbon Traviata' and 'Laughter on the 23rd Floor' that I realized just what a superb physical comic he was.“

—  Nathan Lane American actor 1956

Mike Nichols — reported in Kenneth M. Chanko, Entertainment News Wire (March 11, 1996) "Dragged Into The Limelight", Press-Telegram, p. D1.

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Karen Marie Moning foto
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„This work fascinates me more than anything else I have ever done. I've been walking about London for the last thirty years, and I find something fresh in it every day.“

—  Walter Besant English novelist and historian 1836 - 1901

October 2, 1897: To-Day, An Interview with Sir Walter Besant http://books.google.com/books?id=unhNAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA262

Constantin Brâncuși foto

„Like everything else I've ever done, there was a furious struggle to rise heavenward.“

—  Constantin Brâncuși French-Romanian artist 1876 - 1957

Brâncuși cited in: Finley Eversole (2009) Art and Spiritual Transformation. p. 329

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Joanne K. Rowling foto

„I've given you more than I've given anyone else which I probably shouldn't probably say on — on screen, or they'll kidnap and torture him, and we need him.“

—  Joanne K. Rowling British novelist, author of the Harry Potter series 1965

To screenwriter Steve Kloves, in an interview by Lizo Mzimba (February 2003)

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„Of all the actors and actresses I've ever worked with, the hardest worker is Fred Astaire. He behaved like he was a young man whose whole destiny depended on being successful in his first film. He rehearses between takes, after takes - there's no limit to his professionalism.“

—  Fred Astaire American dancer, singer, actor, choreographer and television presenter 1899 - 1987

Rouben Mamoulian in Lecture and discussion at University of Southern California, December 7, 1975. Tape recording, Special Collections, University of Southern California. (M).

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