„The essential feature of a capitalist world-economy… is production for sale in a market in which the object is to realize the maximum profit is the essential feature of a capitalist world-economy. In such a system production is constantly expanded as long as further production is profitable, and men constantly innovate new ways of producing things that will expand the profit margin.“

—  Immanuel Wallerstein, Wallerstein (1979) The Capitalist World-Economy. p. 15.
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Immanuel Wallerstein
americký sociolog, historik a ekonom 1930 - 2019

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„Structuralism argues that a liberal capitalist world economy tends to preserve or actually increase inequalities between developed and less developed economies.“

—  Robert Gilpin Political scientist 1930 - 2018
The Political Economy of International Relations (1987), Chapter Seven, Dependence And Economic Development, p. 274

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„The world market is indefinitely expansible and is always expanding“

—  J.A. Hobson English economist, social scientist and critic of imperialism 1858 - 1940
The Morals of Economic Irrationalism (1920), Context: It is untrue that the world market is strictly limited, with the consequence that every advance of one group of traders is at the expense of another group. The world market is indefinitely expansible and is always expanding...<!--p.11

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„The most profitable and praiseworthy genius in the world is untiring industry.“

—  Elias Lyman Magoon American minister 1810 - 1886
Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895), P. 347.

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