„We define only out of despair, we must have a formula… to give a facade to the void.“

—  Emil Cioran, kniha A Short History of Decay

A Short History of Decay (1949)

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Emil Cioran2
rumunský filozof a esejista 1911 - 1995

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„We only labor to stuff the memory, and leave the conscience and the understanding unfurnished and void.“

—  Michel De Montaigne (1533-1592) French-Occitan author, humanistic philosopher, statesman 1533 - 1592

Book I, Ch. 25

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„We become aware of the void as we fill it.“

—  Antonio Porchia Italian Argentinian poet 1885 - 1968

Percibimos el vacío, llenándolo.
Voces (1943)

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„…all the formulas have flown out of the window.“

—  Anna Sui American fashion designer 1964

Financial Times Interview (July 14, 2017)

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„In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.“

—  Michael Jackson American singer, songwriter and dancer 1958 - 2009

Also used at his funeral (3 Sep. 2009) invitation. Quoted in "Dead stars and classic art will surround Michael Jackson " in CNN.com/entertainment (03 July 2009) http://edition.cnn.com/2009/SHOWBIZ/Music/09/03/michael.jackson.funeral/index.html#cnnSTCOther1

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„We need no science of formulae, but a science of forms.“

—  Viktor Schauberger austrian philosopher and inventor 1885 - 1958

Implosion Magazine, No. 124, p. 29. (Callum Coats: Energy Evolution (2000))
Implosion Magazine

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