„Instrumentation is to music precisely what color is to painting.“

Cette face de l’instrumentation est exactement, en musique, ce que le coloris est en peinture.
A travers chants (1862), ch. 1 http://www.hberlioz.com/Writings/ATC01.htm; Elizabeth Csicsery-Rónay (trans.) The Art of Music and Other Essays (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1994) p. 5.


Cette face de l’instrumentation est exactement, en musique, ce que le coloris est en peinture.

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Hector Berlioz foto
Hector Berlioz9
nejvýznamnější francouzský skladatel, dirigent, hudební kri… 1803 - 1869

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Honoré de Balzac foto
Louis Comfort Tiffany foto

„Color is to the eye what music is to the ear.“

—  Louis Comfort Tiffany American stained glass and jewelry designer 1848 - 1933

The Art Work of Louis C. Tiffany (Doubleday, Page & Co New York, 1916)

Arvo Pärt foto
Karel Appel foto

„The brushstroke, in painting, is purely and
simply what it is – rhythm,
color, matter.“

—  Karel Appel Dutch painter, sculptor, and poet 1921 - 2006

ATV, 187; p. 175
Karel Appel, a gesture of colour' (1992/2009)

Georges Braque foto

„Whatever is valuable in painting is precisely what one is incapable of talking about.“

—  Georges Braque French painter and sculptor 1882 - 1963

two quotes by Braque, in 'Les Problèmes de la Peinture', interview with Gaston Diehl Paris 1945
1921 - 1945

Angelo Vulpini foto

„Our personality is like the colors of a painting, is what makes us unique“

—  Angelo Vulpini Venezuelan recording artist 2003

Zdroj: Posted on @angelovulpini, Instagram (June 7, 2019)

Bram van Velde foto

„Painting, an oeuvre, is not such a big deal, it is so unimportant. But that’s precisely what makes it interesting.“

—  Bram van Velde Dutch painter 1895 - 1981

1970's, Conversations with Samuel Beckett and Bram van Velde (1970 - 1972)

Susanna Clarke foto

„To be more precise it was the color of heartache.“

—  Susanna Clarke, kniha Jonathan Strange & pan Norrell

Zdroj: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Robin Hartshorne foto
Pramoedya Ananta Toer foto
Vangelis foto

„On electronic music: "The source is electronic, but what you do with it is the same as with acoustic instruments. Sound is sound and vibration is vibration, whether from an electronic source or an acoustic instrument.“

—  Vangelis Greek composer of electronic, progressive, ambient, jazz, pop rock, and orchestral music 1943

The way we use these sources is the key in order to define the required musical result. Without neglecting the acoustic conventional instruments, I spend a fair amount of time dealing with the electronic sources of sound. But please do not think computers! Computers are extremely helpful and amazing for a multitude of scientific areas, but for me, when it comes to creation, they are insufficient and slow. Therefore all of my efforts are to stay away from that beast".

Cassandra Clare foto
Prevale foto

„Music colors the soul.“

—  Prevale Italian DJ and producer 1983

Originál: La musica colora l'anima.
Zdroj: prevale.net

Marc Chagall foto
Frederick II of Prussia foto

„Diplomacy without arms is like music without instruments.“

—  Frederick II of Prussia king of Prussia 1712 - 1786


Guy De Maupassant foto
Citát „Music gives color to the air of the moment.“
Karl Lagerfeld foto
Cassandra Clare foto

„I learned to play the instruments of war," he said, "and paint in blood.“

—  Cassandra Clare, The City of Lost Souls

Zdroj: City of Lost Souls

Piet Mondrian foto

„The first thing to change in my painting was the color [c. 1908-09]. I forsook natural color for pure color. I had come to feel that the colors of nature cannot be reproduced on canvas. Instinctively I felt that painting had to find a new way to express the beauty of nature.“

—  Piet Mondrian Peintre Néerlandais 1872 - 1944

Quote of Mondrian about 1905-1910; in 'Mondrian, Essays' ('Plastic art and pure plastic art', 1937 and his other essays, (1941-1943) by Piet Mondrian; Wittenborn-Schultz Inc., New York, 1945, p. 10; as cited in De Stijl 1917-1931 - The Dutch Contribution to Modern Art, by H.L.C. Jaffé http://www.dbnl.org/tekst/jaff001stij01_01/jaff001stij01_01.pdf; J.M. Meulenhoff, Amsterdam 1956, p. 40

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