„I tried to find out what had happened to you. I Googled you in quotes- got no results.“

—  Pete Yorn

Song lyrics

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Pete Yorn72
American musician 1974

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Richard Bach foto

„I'll quote the truth wherever I find it thank you.“

—  Richard Bach American spiritual writer 1936

Illusions : The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah (1977)
Kontext: "There is no problem so big that it cannot be run away from."…
"You're quoting Snoopy the dog, I believe?"
"I'll quote the truth wherever I find it thank you."

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„The actual quote attributed to Russell is, "Everything is vague to a degree you do not realise till you have tried to make it precise."“

—  Bill Bailey English comedian, musician, actor, TV and radio presenter and author 1965

The Museum of Curiosity (BBC Radio 4, 2008)

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„I have found it! or I have got it!, commonly quoted as Eureka!“

—  Archimedes Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer -287 - -212 př. n. l.

What he exclaimed as he ran naked from his bath, realizing that by measuring the displacement of water an object produced, compared to its weight, he could measure its density (and thus determine the proportion of gold that was used in making a king's crown); as quoted by Vitruvius Pollio in De Architectura, ix.215;
Originál: (el) εὕρηκα [heúrēka]

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„I don't know if you could ever say, quote "mission accomplished," as much as you could say "Americans are out of harm's way."“

—  John McCain politician from the United States 1936 - 2018

On George W. Bush's address aboard a ship with a banner reading "mission accomplished" behind him, at a town hall meeting in Des Moines, Iowa. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24418639/ (1 May 2008)
2000s, 2008

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„I had to shake the spot cause the game got crowded
I'm devoted and quote it, I'm rowdy and bout it
A No Limit Soldier, and happy to shout it.“

—  Snoop Dogg American rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor 1971

"Get Bout It & Rowdy", Da Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told (1998).

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„I am just thinking how unfair it is of you to quote their own words. It is a low blow to use what ExxonMobil has actually said against them. I mean, that is kind of a cheap shot, don't you think?“

—  Joe Barton United States congressional representative from Texas 1949

Committee on Energy of Commerce Hearing: Gasoline: Supply, Price, and Specifications https://house.resource.org/109/org.c-span.192444-1.pdf, May 10, 2006
to Representative Anna Eshoo, on her citing ExxonMobil officials saying they don't want to build any new refineries in North America

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„You don't want to be rude but you have to be careful - there are a lot of strange people out there.

(Goldman attributes this quote to Cliff Robertson.)“

—  William Goldman American novelist, screenwriter and playwright 1931 - 2018

Zdroj: Adventures In The Screen Trade: A Personal View of Hollywood

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„Ah, yes, I wrote the "Purple Cow"—
I'm Sorry, now, I wrote it;
But I can tell you Anyhow
I'll Kill you if you Quote it!“

—  Gelett Burgess artist, art critic, poet, author and humorist 1866 - 1951

Poem Confession: and a Portrait Too, Upon a Background that I Rue (1897)
Reacting to the many parodies of his poem.
Confession (1897)

„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“