„The liar wants to be believed, but lying undermines the foundation for credibility.“

Zdroj: Propaganda & The Ethics Of Persuasion (2002), Chapter Four, Ethics And Propaganda, p. 149

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Canadian academic 1938

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„Lying is the same as alcoholism. Liars prevaricate even on their deathbeds.“

—  Anton Chekhov Russian dramatist, author and physician 1860 - 1904

Letter to A.N. Pleshcheev (October 9, 1888)

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„Men are liars. We'll lie about lying if we have to. I'm an algebra liar. I figure two good lies make a positive.“

—  Tim Allen American actor, voiceover artist and comedian 1953

As quoted in Land Your Dream Job : High-Performance Techniques to Get Noticed, Get Hired, and Get Ahead (2007) by John Middleton, Ken Langdon, and Nikki Cartwright

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„The foundation of morality is to have done, once and for all, with lying“

—  Thomas Henry Huxley English biologist and comparative anatomist 1825 - 1895

"Science and Morals" (1886) http://aleph0.clarku.edu/huxley/CE9/S-M.html
Kontext: The foundation of morality is to have done, once and for all, with lying; to give up pretending to believe that for which there is no evidence, and repeating unintelligible propositions about things beyond the possibilities of knowledge.

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„The best liar is he who makes the smallest amount of lying go the longest way.“

—  Samuel Butler, kniha The Way of All Flesh

Ch. 39 http://books.google.com/books?id=wZAEAQAAIAAJ&q=%22The+best+liar+is+he+who+makes+the+smallest+amount+of+lying+go+the+longest+way%22&pg=PA190#v=onepage
The Way of All Flesh (1903)

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„Clearly, [President Bush] lied. Now if he is an unconscious liar, and doesn't realize when he's lying, then we're really in trouble.“

—  Al Sharpton American Baptist minister, civil rights activist, and television/radio talk show host 1954

Zdroj: Democratic presidental debate at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin held on 15 Feb. 2004 http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A44506-2004Feb15_4.html.

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„“You’re a poet too, aren’t you? And a good liar, I bet.”
“I was the Autarch of Urth; that required a little lying, if you like. We called it diplomacy.”“

—  Gene Wolfe American science fiction and fantasy writer 1931 - 2019

Zdroj: Fiction, The Book of the New Sun (1980–1983), The Urth of the New Sun (1987), Chapter 3, "The Cabin" (p. 20)

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„Everything I know about the Iranians I learned at the pool room," [Graham] said. "I met a lot of liars, and I know the Iranians are lying.“

—  Lindsey Graham United States Senator from South Carolina 1955

As quoted in "Republican conference: Day two - Bush 'proud' of family" http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-32850481 (22 May 2015), by Anthony Zurcher, BBC News, United Kingdom: British Broadcasting Corporation

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„Philip [II of Spain] was a great believer in diplomacy, or the art of lying. He fooled some of the people some of the time.“

—  Will Cuppy American writer 1884 - 1949

The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody (1950), Part III: Strange Bedfellows, Philip the Sap

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