„Death is part of this life and not of the next.“

—  Elizabeth Bibescová, Haven (1951)
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Elizabeth Bibescová1
spisovatelka, herečka a rumunská princezna 1897 - 1945

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„That flag and I are twins, born in the same hour from the same womb of destiny. We cannot be parted in life or in death.“

—  John Paul Jones American naval officer 1747 - 1792
Misattributed, This statement was attributed to Jones in a 1900 biography by Augustus C. Buell which contains much material now believed to have been fabricated by Buell. Variant: That flag and I are twins. We were born at the same hour. We cannot be parted in life or death. So long as we float, we shall float together.

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„Best gift of all
The knowledge how to die; next, death compelled.“

—  Marcus Annaeus Lucanus, kniha Pharsalia
Pharsalia, Scire mori sors prima viris, sed proxima cogi. Book IX, line 211 (tr. E. Ridley).

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