„Hail hero, hail hero, child of your fate
Come into the kitchen don't stand by the gate
And show us your wisdom before it's too late“

Theme song of Hail Hero! (1969), co-written with Jerome Moross

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kanadský písničkář 1938

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„Before your eyes rises the hero of Gogol's story who, in a fit of aberration, imagined that he was the King of Spain. Such is the fate of all megalomaniacs.“

—  Joseph Stalin General secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union 1879 - 1953

Proletariatis Brdzola August 1905, as quoted in Young Stalin (2007) by Simon Sebag Montefiore, p. 376
Contemporary witnesses

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Christopher Reeve foto

„What makes Superman a hero is not that he has power, but that he has the wisdom and the maturity to use the power wisely.“

—  Christopher Reeve actor, director, producer, screenwriter 1952 - 2004

As quoted in Celebrities in Hell (2002) by Warren Allen Smith, p. 98

Felix Frankfurter foto

„Wisdom too often never comes, and so one ought not to reject it merely because it comes late.“

—  Felix Frankfurter American judge 1882 - 1965

Dissenting, Henslee v. Union Planters National Bank & Trust Co., 335 U.S. 600 (1949).
Judicial opinions

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„But we make such mistakes all the time, all through our lives. Wisdom, I suppose, is seeing this and acting upon it before it is too late. But it is often too late, isn’t it?“

—  Alexander McCall Smith British writer 1948

and those things that we should have said are unsaid, and remain unsaid for ever.
Love Over Scotland, chapter 96.
The 44 Scotland Street series

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„For all we have and are,
For all our children's fate,
Stand up and take the war.
The Hun is at the gate!“

—  Rudyard Kipling English short-story writer, poet, and novelist 1865 - 1936

For All We Have and Are http://whitewolf.newcastle.edu.au/words/authors/K/KiplingRudyard/verse/p1/forall.html, Stanza 1 (1914).
Other works

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„The hero of the Odyssey is a great fighter, a wily schemer, a ready speaker, a man of stout heart and broad wisdom who knows that he must endure without too much complaining what the gods send;“

—  Robert M. Pirsig, kniha Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Zdroj: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (1974), Ch. 29, quoted from The Greeks by H. D. F. Kitto.
Kontext: "The hero of the Odyssey is a great fighter, a wily schemer, a ready speaker, a man of stout heart and broad wisdom who knows that he must endure without too much complaining what the gods send; and he can both build and sail a boat, drive a furrow as straight as anyone, beat a young braggart at throwing the discus, challenge the Pheacian youth at boxing, wrestling or running; flay, skin, cut up and cook an ox, and be moved to tears by a song. He is in fact an excellent all-rounder; he has surpassing aretê.
"Aretê implies a respect for the wholeness or oneness of life, and a consequent dislike of specialization. It implies a contempt for efficiency—or rather a much higher idea of efficiency, an efficiency which exists not in one department of life but in life itself."

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„Silence is one of the gates to wisdom.“

—  Ali al-Rida eighth of the Twelve Imams 770 - 818

Ibn Shu’ba al-Harrani, Tuhaf al-'Uqul, p. 523.
Regarding Knowledge & Wisdom, General

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„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“