„I doubt whether the Revolution has, in essentials, changed Russia at all. Reading Gogol, or Dostoevsky for that matter, one realizes how completely the Soviet regime has fallen back on to, and perhaps invigorated, the old Russia. Certainly there is much more of Gogol and Dostoievsky in the regime than there is of Marx.“

Like It was, p.252

Malcolm Muggeridge foto
Malcolm Muggeridge3
anglický novinář, autor, mediální osobnost a satirik 1903 - 1990

Podobné citáty

H. G. Wells foto

„The authorities in Soviet Russia seem as timorous about subversive propaganda as Conservative old ladies in England. Russia is still a fastness of orthodoxy, even if the guardianship of orthodoxy has changed hands.“

—  H. G. Wells English writer 1866 - 1946

“Stalin-Wells Talk: The Verbatim Report and A Discussion”, G.B. Shaw, J.M. Keynes et al., London, The New Statesman and Nation, (1934) p. 19

Gary Johnson foto
Gleb Pavlovsky foto

„"Other Russia" is a workshop of picking out pick-locks to the real Russia. Have a read of their texts. Only one question is solved there — how to overthrow Putin's system, i. e. to leave all without the country. ("«Другая Россия»“

—  Gleb Pavlovsky Russian political scientist 1951

это цех подбора отмычек к реальной России. Почитайте их тексты. Там решается только один вопрос — как опрокинуть систему Путина, то есть оставить всех без страны.")

Nikolai Gogol foto
Boris Yeltsin foto

„None of these countries had revolutions with bloody casualties and there was no civil war in any of the republics… Russia had to change and it did change.“

—  Boris Yeltsin 1st President of Russia and Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR 1931 - 2007

Interview on Zerkalo http://web.archive.org/web/20021117080050/http://www.cdi.org/russia/johnson/6011-5.cfm (RTR) (29 December 2001)
Kontext: It looks as if some people either have a short memory and are forgetting about that time and the events that occurred then … Let us recall the putsch of August 19, 1991. It was after the putsch that the republics began, one after another, to declare their independence.
Russia also declared its independence. This was approved by the Supreme Soviet, and you know and remember that there was the Declaration on the Independence of Russia. So, the entire course of history was leading to a point when the regime, the political regime in the country had to be changed. It demonstrated that the Union was not as strong as this was loudly preached by mass media and the propaganda in general. The republics wished to become independent. This must only be welcomed... We have good peaceful relations and there were no military clashes. None of these countries had revolutions with bloody casualties and there was no civil war in any of the republics... Russia had to change and it did change.

Tawakkol Karman foto
Stanislaw Ulam foto
Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel foto
Woody Allen foto

„I took a speed-reading course and readin twenty minutes. It involves Russia.“

—  Woody Allen American screenwriter, director, actor, comedian, author, playwright, and musician 1935

Reza Pahlavi foto
Malcolm X foto
David Eugene Smith foto
Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa foto
Jane Austen foto
Nadine Gordimer foto

„You can't change a regime on the basis of compassion. There's got to be something harder.“

—  Nadine Gordimer South african Nobel-winning writer 1923 - 2014

"'A feeling of realistic optimism': An interview with Nadine Gordimer" by Karen Lazar, Salmagundi 113 (Winter 1997)

Gleb Pavlovsky foto
Cassandra Clare foto
Charles Caleb Colton foto
Jesse Jackson foto

„We need a regime change in this country.… If we launch a pre-emptive strike on Iraq we lose all moral authority.“

—  Jesse Jackson African-American civil rights activist and politician 1941

Speech against the Iraq War, reported in Brian Dakss (26 October 2002) "Shades Of The Sixties" http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2002/10/26/attack/main527058.shtml CBS News

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