„Every note leaves in each of us a memory, but it is the melody as a whole that tells a story, the story of someone wanting to get closer to another person and who keeps on trying, despite repeated rejections.“

—  Paulo Coelho, kniha Aleph

Aleph (2011)

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brazilský textař a spisovatel 1947

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„At this point in my life, I don’t worry about telling a literary story or the right story; I tell the story I want to tell, the story that makes me feel alive, the questions I want to answer.“

—  Amulya Malladi Indian writer 1974

On not caring about what other people think about her writing in “An Interview with Amulya Malladi” http://jaggerylit.com/an-interview-with-amulya-malladi/ in Jaggery

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„There are three sides to every story: your side, my side, and the truth. And no one is lying. Memories shared serve each differently.“

—  Robert Evans

[Robert Evans, 2002, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0303353, The Kid Stays in the Picture, Documentary, Highway Films]
The unreliable narrator

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„The questions I want to ask will revolve around humans, connection, relationships, family, and stories - what are the stories we tell ourselves and each other?“

—  Lulu Wang Asian-American filmmaker

As quoted in "The Farewell director Lulu Wang on being caught between worlds" in Fader (16 August 2019) https://www.thefader.com/2019/08/16/the-farewell-director-lulu-wang-interview

„When you hide another story in a story, that’s the story I am telling the children.“

—  Maurice Sendak American illustrator and writer of children's books 1928 - 2012

Quoted in an interview, "Sendak on Sendak," Rosenbach Museum & Library, Philadelphia (2007/2008)

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„History books are necessary in order for us to know and perceive the truth, and there’s always a question of perspective and who gets to tell the story…“

—  Sally Wen Mao Chinese-born American poet

On who gets to “gaze” or be “gazed upon” in “HIJACKING THE NARRATIVE: A CONVERSATION WITH SALLY WEN MAO” https://theadroitjournal.org/2019/03/21/hijacking-the-narrative-a-conversation-with-sally-wen-mao/ in Adroit Journal (2019 Mar 21)

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„In creating wiki, I wanted to stroke that story-telling nature in all of us.“

—  Ward Cunningham American computer programmer who developed the first wiki 1949

A Conversation with Ward Cunningham (2003), Exploring with Wiki
Kontext: I think there's a compelling nature about talking. People like to talk. In creating wiki, I wanted to stroke that story-telling nature in all of us. Second, and perhaps most important, I wanted people who wouldn't normally author to find it comfortable authoring, so that there stood a chance of us discovering the structure of what they had to say.

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