„Imagine a world without a fixed point.“

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„In concentration, the consciousness is held to a single image; the whole attention of the Knower is fixed on a single point, without wavering or swerving.“

—  Annie Besant British socialist, theosophist, women's rights activist, writer and orator 1847 - 1933

Thought Power: Its Control and Culture, 1903 http://books.google.co.in/books?id=0ePGCV4K34sC&pg=PA79, p. 79

Gloria Estefan foto

„I cannot imagine a world without music. It would be... well, I cannot imagine it.“

—  Gloria Estefan Cuban-American singer-songwriter, actress and divorciada 1957

Berklee College of Music commencement address (May 12, 2007)
2007, 2008

Eve Ensler foto

„stop fixing your bodies and start fixing the world!“

—  Eve Ensler American playwright, performer, feminist, activist and artist 1953

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Lloyd Kenyon, 1st Baron Kenyon foto
Marshall McLuhan foto

„A fixed point of view becomes possible with print and ends the image as a plastic organism.“

—  Marshall McLuhan Canadian educator, philosopher, and scholar-- a professor of English literature, a literary critic, and a communicatio… 1911 - 1980

Zdroj: 1960s, The Gutenberg Galaxy (1962), p. 144

Buster Keaton foto

„A picture without falls is as bad as Niagara in the same fix“

—  Buster Keaton American actor and filmmaker 1895 - 1966

Interview in Picture-Play Magazine (December 1920) "Six Interviews with Buster Keaton" http://www.silentera.com/taylorology/issues/Taylor68.txt

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Joseph Joubert foto
Richelle Mead foto
Carl Sagan foto
Nicolas Chamfort foto

„It is a common saying that the most beautiful woman in the world can only give what she has. This is entirely false. She gives exactly what the recipient thinks he has received; for imagination fixes the value of this sort of favour.“

—  Nicolas Chamfort French writer 1741 - 1794

On dit communément: la plus belle femme du monde ne peut donner que ce qu'elle a; ce qui est très faux: elle donne précisément ce qu'on croit recevoir, puisqu'en ce genre, c'est l'imagination qui fait le prix de ce qu'on reçoit.
Maximes et Pensées, #383
Maxims and Considerations, #383

Terry Brooks foto

„While it is possible to imagine Mises without Hayek, it is not possible to imagine Hayek without Mises.“

—  Alan O. Ebenstein American political scientist, educator and author 1959

Hayek's Journey: The Mind of Friedrich Hayek (2003)

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Jasper Fforde foto
Wallace Stevens foto

„Without a name and nothing to be desired,
If only imagined but imagined well.“

—  Wallace Stevens American poet 1879 - 1955

Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction (1942), It Must Be Abstract

Amos Oz foto

„The [political] left are people with an imagination and the right are those without an imagination.“

—  Amos Oz Israeli writer, novelist, journalist and intellectual 1939 - 2018

"Between Oz and Ayalon" (interview), the Supplement to Shabbat, 21 November 2008, Yedioth Ahronoth, p. 2.

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