„I think I have more plans for my future from now and I think we must start work for a campaign now so we have set up a Malala foundation. And through Malala fund we are going to educate girls and we want to do work on the ground: building schools, teachers, training, trying to motivate parents of the children to send their children to school. We also want to recognize those girls who are fighting for their rights. In the future when I grow older, much older I want to do politics. I want to serve my country for politics. I want to help my people and I want to help in education.“

—  Malála Júsufzajová, Statements in PBS interview with Margaret Warner (October 11, 2013)
Malála Júsufzajová foto
Malála Júsufzajová1
pákistánská aktivistka za dětské vzdělávání 1997

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David Cameron foto

„I think we should be helping the opposition groups because they want a democratic Libya, they want a future for that country.“

—  David Cameron Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1966
2010s, 2011, William Hague suggests Libya rebel funding https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-13059958 BBC News (13 April 2011)

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„I get very concerned when we start hearing people who want to convert this country into a safe place for children. I am adult. I want available what I need to see.“

—  Judith Krug librarian and freedom of speech proponent 1940 - 2009
"Oak Lawn Library Vows to Keep Playboy on Shelf" by Jo Napolitano, Chicago Tribune, (June 23, 2005)

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„I have four children, and I want them to grow up in a country that has a working First Amendment.“

—  Frank Zappa American musician, songwriter, composer, and record and film producer 1940 - 1993
Appearance on CBS Morning News (18 September 1985) - YouTube video http://youtube.com/watch?v=LD1DI2SntFI

Malala Yousafzai foto

„I think that it's really an early age… I would feel proud, when I would work for education, when I would have done something, when I would be feeling confident to tell people, 'Yes! I have built that school; I have done that teachers' training, I have sent that (many) children to school'… Then if I get the Nobel Peace Prize, I will be saying, Yeah, I deserve it, somehow… I want to become a Prime Minister of Pakistan, and I think it's really good. Because through politics I can serve my whole county. I can be the doctor of the whole country… I can spend much of the money from the budget on education," she told It appears that becoming prime minister is a means to the end she has dedicated her life to… [in recalling when she got shot] He asked, 'Who is Malala?' He did not give me time to answer his question… He fired three bullets… One bullet hit me in the left side of my forehead, just above here, and it went down through my neck and into my shoulder… But still if I look at (it), it's a miracle… A Nobel Peace Prize would help me to begin this campaign for girls' education… But the real call, the most precious call, that I want to get and for which I'm thirsting and for which I want to struggle hard, that is the award to see every child to go to school, that is the award of peace and education for every child. And for that, I will struggle and I will work hard.“

—  Malala Yousafzai Pakistani children's education activist 1997
Interview on CNN with Christiane Amanpour (October 11, 2013)

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„It is all right with me that my work serves a purpose. I want to have an effect on my time, in which human beings are so confused and in need of help.“

—  Käthe Kollwitz German artist 1867 - 1945
Other Quotes, Context: My work is not, of course, pure art in the sense that Schmidt-Rottluff's is, but it is art nonetheless... It is all right with me that my work serves a purpose. I want to have an effect on my time, in which human beings are so confused and in need of help. Quoted in Käthe Kollwitz: Graphics, Posters, Drawings (1981) by Renate Hinz

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„Any parent wants the best for their children. I am not going to make a choice for my child on the basis of what is the politically correct thing to do.“

—  Tony Blair former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1953
1990s, "Mr Blair opts out", Guardian, 2 December 1994. Statement on 1 December 1994, defending his decision to send his eldest son Euan to the London Oratory School which had opted out of local education authority control under a policy which the Labour Party opposed.

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„I have a lot of critics; we all know that. And I do kind of want to say — you know, put my middle finger up to everybody and say, think what you want about me. I am who I am. But at the end of the day, I'm an athlete that wants to win.“

—  Hope Solo American association football player 1981
2010s, As quoted in Hope Solo: 'I speak the truth, and people either love me or they hate me'" http://blog.seattlepi.com/seattlesports/2012/08/29/hope-solo-i-speak-the-truth-and-people-either-love-me-or-they-hate-me/#6489101=0, seattlepi.com (August 29, 2012)

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„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“