„A questioner asks: If human nature is evil, then where do ritual and rightness come from? I reply: ritual and rightness are always created by the conscious activity of the sages.“

—  Xun Zi

Sources of Chinese Tradition (1999), vol. 1, p. 180
Human nature is evil

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Xun Zi13
Ancient Chinese philosopher -313 - -238 př. n. l.

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Xun Zi foto
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„Effective management always means asking the right question.“

—  Robert Heller British magician 1932 - 2012

Zdroj: The supermanagers: Managing for Success, the Movers and the Doers, the Reasons Why (1984), p. 304; As cited in: Paul Pryor (2000) Marketing Construction Services. p. 100

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„Human nature is evil, and goodness is caused by intentional activity.“

—  Xun Zi Ancient Chinese philosopher -313 - -238 př. n. l.

Quoted in: Fayek S. Hourani (2012) Daily Bread for Your Mind and Soul, p. 336.

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„The spiritual process is just to create the right kind of chemistry, where you are naturally peaceful, naturally joyous.“

—  Sadhguru Yogi, mystic, visionary and humanitarian 1957

Encounter the Enlightened (2001)
Kontext: The spiritual process is just to create the right kind of chemistry, where you are naturally peaceful, naturally joyous. When you are joyous by your very own nature, when you don't have to do anything to be happy, then the very dimension of your life, the very way you perceive and express yourself in the world will change. The very way you experience your life will change.

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„When people ask me if the division between parties of the right and parties of the left, men of the right and men of the left, still makes sense, the first thing that comes to mind is that the person asking the question is certainly not a man of the left.“

—  Alain French philosopher 1868 - 1951

Statement of 1931, as quoted by Marcel Gauchet, Realms of Memory: Rethinking the French Past, Vol. 1 - Conflicts and Divisions, edited by Pierre Nora and Lawrence Kritzman, p. 266 ISBN 9780231084048

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„The answers are easy. Asking the right questions is hard.“

—  Steve Blank American businessman 1953

Zdroj: The Startup Owner’s Manual (2012), p. 91.

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