„To that creature, being born,
Its birthday is a day to mourn.“

—  Giacomo Leopardi, Source: Canto notturno di un pastore errante dell'Asia (Night song of a nomadic shepherd in Asia) (1829-1830). Translation by Eamon Grennan, Leopardi: Selected Poems [Princeton University Press, 1997, ], p. 62
Giacomo Leopardi foto
Giacomo Leopardi8
italský básník 1798 - 1837

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Richelle Mead foto
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Cassandra Clare foto
Francis Escudero foto

„Happy birthday, Idol. You can be assured that, as one of your movies says, ""Hindi Pa Tapos Ang Laban!""“

—  Francis Escudero Filipino politician 1969
The fight is not over. The Official Website of the Senate of the Philippines http://www.senate.gov.ph/press_release/2009/0820_escudero2.asp

 Morrissey foto

„It's the nicest birthday I've ever had. You've made a happy man very old.“

—  Morrissey English singer 1959
From Who Put The 'M' In Manchester? (2004)

Abby Sunderland foto

„On October 19, 2009, my sixteenth birthday, Wild Eyes officially became mine! Now it was really happening.“

—  Abby Sunderland Camera Assistant, Inspirational Speaker and Sailor 1993
p. 31

Frances Bean Cobain foto

„Happy birthday to my unorthodox/free spirited mother @Courtney thanks for teaching me to embrace creativity&survive“

—  Frances Bean Cobain American artist 1992
9 July 2014 https://twitter.com/alka_seltzer666/status/486990347159891968

Jim Butcher foto

„Never touch my brother on his fucking birthday.“

—  Jim Butcher, Many Bloody Returns

Kurt Vonnegut foto

„Hello, I am Wanda June. Today was going to be my birthday, but I was hit by an ice-cream truck before I could have my party.“

—  Kurt Vonnegut American writer 1922 - 2007
Context: Hello, I am Wanda June. Today was going to be my birthday, but I was hit by an ice-cream truck before I could have my party. I am dead now. I am in Heaven. That is why my parents did not pick up my cake at the bakery. I am not mad at the ice-cream truck driver, even though he was drunk when he hit me. It didn't hurt much. It wasn't even as bad as the sting of a bumblebee. I am really happy here! It's so much fun. I'm glad the driver was drunk. If he hadn't been, I might not have gone to Heaven for years and years and years. I would have had to go to high school first, and then beauty college. I would have had to get married and have babies and everything. Now I can just play and play and play. Any time I want any pink cotton candy I can have some. Everybody up here is happy — the animals and the dead soldiers and people who went to the electric chair and everything. They're all glad for whatever sent them here. Nobody is mad. We're all too busy playing shuffleboard. So if you think of killing somebody, don't worry about it. Just go ahead and do it. Whoever you do it to should kiss you for doing it. The soldiers up here just love the shrapnel and the tanks and the bayonets and the dum dums that let them play shuffleboard all the time — and drink beer. "Wanda June"

Ronald Reagan foto

„You know, I received an invitation that said "Please come to Ellis Island July 4th for the hundredth birthday celebration of an American institution". Somebody goofed. My birthday is not until February.“

—  Ronald Reagan American politician, 40th president of the United States (in office from 1981 to 1989) 1911 - 2004
A self-deprecating joke about his age, quoted at American Experience http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/features/transcript/reagan-transcript/

Richard Bach foto

„You have no birthday because you have always lived; you were never born, and never will die.“

—  Richard Bach American spiritual writer 1936
Context: You have no birthday because you have always lived; you were never born, and never will die. You are not the child of the people you call mother and father, but their fellow-adventurer on a bright journey to understand the things that are. There's No Such Place As Far Away (1978)

The Notorious B.I.G. foto