„Cookie: What are you sad about?Harry: I'm spiritually bankrupt. I'm empty.Cookie: What do you mean?Harry: I'm frightened. I got no soul, you know what I mean? Let me put it this way: when I was younger it was less scary waiting for Lefty than it is waiting for Godot.Cookie: You lost me!Harry: You know that the universe is coming apart? You know about that? You know what a black hole is?Cookie: Yeah. That's how I make my living.“

Deconstructing Harry (1997)

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americký scenárista, režisér, herec, komik, spisovatel, dra… 1935

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„Say you just can't live that negative way
You know what I mean
Make way for the positive day
Cause it's a new day.“

—  Bob Marley Jamaican singer, songwriter, musician 1945 - 1981

Positive Vibration, from the album Rastaman Vibration (1976)

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„You know, I wasn't gonna wait around. And I thought, 'You know, what I'd like to do if I have my choice, I wanna go to Big Sur and go back to painting.'“

—  Kim Novak American actress 1933

For better or worse, I left Hollywood. I let in very few people in my life, and I got involved with animals in my life. And not just cats and dogs. I had to learn who I was again through animals, because animals know who you really are.
Zdroj: CBS Sunday Morning interview (2020)
Kontext: On leaving Hollywood in the 1960s

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„I'm not sure you know human love in the way I do.“

—  Diana Cooper English social figure, actress and memoirist 1892 - 1986

Letter to Evelyn Waugh (1 January 1954)
Kontext: You have never, I think, known real Grief — panic, melancholia, madness, night-sweats, we've all known for most of our lives — you and me particularly. I'm not sure you know human love in the way I do. You have faith and mysticism — intense inner interests — a diverting, virile mind — gusto for vengeance and destruction if necessary, a fancy — a gospel.
What you can't imagine is a creature with a certain iridescent aura and nothing within but a beating frightened heart built round and for Duff... For two days I am quite alone — in these empty rooms with one thought one prayer — "let it end now" — an absurd feminine desire to die in the same way exactly as Duff. [ I have now a ] fearlessness of death — so let it come now before custom of living disinclines me for dying.

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