„God bless the devout Christians of this country. They are Israel's best friends on the earth.“

—  Ben Stein

"A Long Memorial Day" American Spectator (1 June 2010) http://spectator.org/archives/2010/06/01/a-long-memorial-day

Ben Stein foto
Ben Stein1
herec, spisovatel, komentátor, právník, učitel, humorista 1944

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Pope Benedict XVI foto

„Happy painting and God Bless, my friend.“

—  Bob Ross American painter, art instructor, and television host 1942 - 1995

Ken Tucker (2006) Kissing Bill O'Reilly, Roasting Miss Piggy: 100 Things to Love and Hate about TV, Macmillan: ISBN 0312330588, p. 155.

Sean Hannity foto

„The U. S. is the greatest, best country God has ever given man on the face of the earth.“

—  Sean Hannity American television host, conservative political commentator 1961

Hannity's America (6 June 2008) http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/174546/june-19-2008/sean-hannity-loves-america

Robert P. George foto

„If you hate Jews you do not love God. You may claim to be a Christian (or Muslim) but the God you worship is an idol, not the God of Israel.“

—  Robert P. George American legal scholar 1955

Twitter post https://twitter.com/McCormickProf/status/965423906436866049 (18 February 2018)

George W. Bush foto

„May God bless our country and all who defend her.“

—  George W. Bush 43rd President of the United States 1946

2000s, 2003, Invasion of Iraq (March 2003)

Thomas Hughes foto
Kurien Kunnumpuram foto
Hillary Clinton foto

„Rich people, God bless us. We deserve all the opportunities to make sure our country and our blessings continue to the next generation.“

—  Hillary Clinton American politician, senator, Secretary of State, First Lady 1947

FOX News interview http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,353759,00.html with Bill O'Reilly, April 30, 2008.
Presidential campaign (January 20, 2007 – 2008)

Friedrich Nietzsche foto
Mitt Romney foto
Sri Aurobindo foto

„To listen to some devout people, one would imagine that God never laughs“

—  Sri Aurobindo Indian nationalist, freedom fighter, philosopher, yogi, guru and poet 1872 - 1950

Sri Aurobindo : The Hour of God, and Other Writings (1970); variant "To listen to some devout people, one would imagine that God never laughed; Heine was nearer the mark when he found in Him the divine Aristophanes" in Mother India (1957)
Kontext: To listen to some devout people, one would imagine that God never laughs; Heine was nearer the mark when he found in Him the divine Aristophanes. God's laughter is sometimes very coarse and unfit for polite ears; He is not satisfied with being Molière, He must needs also be Aristophanes and Rabelais.

Lady Gaga foto

„God bless pop music and God bless MTV.“

—  Lady Gaga American singer, songwriter, and actress 1986

MTV Video Music Awards 2010.

„Uncorrupted man, with God's blessing, advances across the fields of the universe as though he were walking down a country lane.“

—  Pierre Stephen Robert Payne British lecturer, novelist, historian, poet and biographer 1911 - 1983

The Romantic Agony, p. 157,
The Corrupt Society - From Ancient Greece To Present-Day America (1975)

Robert P. George foto

„[T]his is truly a great country. When true to ourselves we are unmatched. In the words of Irving Berlin, God bless America!“

—  Robert P. George American legal scholar 1955

Twitter post https://twitter.com/McCormickProf/status/945465303210905601 (25 December 2017)

William McKinley foto

„Our earnest prayer is that God will graciously vouchsafe prosperity, happiness, and peace to all our neighbors, and like blessings to all the peoples and powers of earth.“

—  William McKinley American politician, 25th president of the United States (in office from 1897 to 1901) 1843 - 1901

Speech delivered at the Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York (September 5, 1901).

John Byrom foto
Frank Borman foto

„"God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good."
And from the crew of Apollo 8, we close with good night, good luck, a Merry Christmas, and God bless all of you — all of you on the good Earth.“

—  Frank Borman NASA astronaut 1928

Last lines of the Apollo 8 Genesis reading, and adding his own closing to the message from Apollo 8 crew, as they celebrated becoming the first humans to enter lunar orbit, Christmas Eve (24 December 1968) http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/planetary/lunar/apollo8_xmas.html

George W. Bush foto

„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“